QB Josh McCown thriving with Bears

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsEven though it is for a small run but Chicago Bears quarterback Josh McCown has career high stats for now. With Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles in sight, he will have passer rating of 103.2 averaged over 3 games, which are the best in his career.
Although he had moved away from football, the Bears brought him back into NFL in their team in 2011. He had played 8 season for different teams before that from 2002-2009. Even so, he didn’t have any breakthroughs in his career and things began to pick up only this year. Under the coaching of Marc Trestman, McCown has thrived and fit well in his offensive plays that give quarterbacks much flexibility.
"Sometimes everything in life is just about opportunities and when things happen," McCown said. "The timing of all of this for me in the stage of my career to get hooked up with these coaches and these players, I think it's just all coming together at the right time.”
McCown said it was enjoyable to work with a team that coordinated so well.

"It's energized me, no doubt about it, because it's fun to work with people that understand what they're doing and are going to put you in a chance to be successful,” he said.
He isn’t one to start labeling it all him and attributed his success to the offensive plays of Trestman, whose scheme revolves around getting rid of the ball quickly and giving pass protection.

"You feel like there's an opportunity to be successful every game and you don't have to step outside the system and press every time," he said. "If you drop back and it's not there, you can check the ball down, you can throw the ball away, and you know from a play-calling standpoint and the structure of our offense that we'll have another shot, we'll have another play.”
He added that the scheme allowed him to operate without much stress which helped make better calls.

"For me, that's created a lot of ease and allowed me to play more consistent because I don't press and try to get outside of the system and get outside of myself,” McCown said.
McCown has also benefited from being on the roster for the past two seasons and has spent time getting his skills sharpened. The Bears did not need to play him until Cutler was injured in November and now he is ready to step in.
McCown was happy to be back in the flow of things in the NFL as an active player. Before that, he was coaching for a high school in North Carolina.

“I appreciate every opportunity and I think just from my career path, to be able to sit here on a football team for one for me, I'm just very thankful,” he said. “And then to be playing and to be playing with the guys I'm playing with and in this system, I couldn't ask for anymore more. I'm very appreciative of everything that's going on right now.”
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