QB Weeden’s future up in air under new Browns’ Ownership

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsAlthough earlier in the offseason the Cleveland Browns were looking for a franchise quarterback in Brandon Weeden, he still hasn’t found a firm standing in Cleveland as the franchise continues to debate over his long-term future.
However, all this perplexity falls down to the Cleveland Browns’ uncertainty over who will take the helm of team in the next season, according to league sources. The Cleveland Browns are likely to part ways with head coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Tom Heckert after a disappointing regular season (5-10). So, it will all depend on whether the new coach wants Brandon Weeden or is he a third wheel in the process.
The Cleveland Browns’ concise list of candidates for the coaching job will probably comprise of all the big names that other teams are currently looking at, such as Oregon Ducks coach Chip Kelly, as well as NFL offensive coordinators Josh McDaniels (New England Patriots), Brian Arians(Indianapolis Colts) and  Greg Roman (San Francisco 49ers).
Brandon Weeden’s future be largely determined on the new coach’s assessment as well as if and how he sees the quarterback fitting into his new scheme. Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator saw a future for Brandon Weeden with the organization, after mapping his growth in the rookie season and expecting a drastic improvement during the quarterback’s second in NFL. Pat Shurmur too has been pleased with Brandon Weeden’s performance so far.
"I think that's a question probably for next week,” Pat Shurmur said of Brandon Weeden’s long-term future with the Cleveland Browns, “but there are a lot of things that I'm very, very happy about watching him play…I think he's shown quite a bit this year that's good.”
“Then, of course, now that he's had a season under his belt, he'll come back here in the off-season, much like a lot of quarterbacks in this league,” continued Pat Shurmur, “that went on to have really good careers -- just pick one. They all had rookie years where they were much better in their second year."
Cleveland Browns CEO Joe Banner had expressed in November that he was closely evaluating over the last seven games of the season whether Brandon Weeden fit the franchise quarterback bill.
"It's an extremely important decision for this organization to get right,” said Joe Banner.
That evaluation isn’t going to reach a conclusive end after Brandon Weeden was ruled out of Sunday’s season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers due to a shoulder injury he sustained in last week’s loss to the Denver Broncos. However, Brandon Weeden made a 3-3 run in the past six games, throwing five touchdowns and five interceptions. Brandon Weeden finished the season on 72.6 passer rating, while throwing 14 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. During Brandon Weeden’s evaluation for a future with the franchise, his chemistry with Cleveland Browns other young talent such as rookie receivers Josh Goden and Travis Benjamin could also be taken into consideration.
However, Brandon Weeden’s rating isn’t certainly helping in the process after he was ranked 32 from amongst 34 quarterbacks and ranked 36 out of 38 NFL quarterbacks according to a more comprehensive ESPN total QBR report.
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With so many teams looking for upgrades at the quarterback position this offseason, I think Cleveland would be well off if they keep him, and continue to help him develop.  But then again, this is the Browns, and they will no-likely mess it up somehow.