Quest For Fire

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Another good and profitable night offers a bit of breathing room, but you know as well as I do that there's no time to relax or let the guard down. It's an even busier schedule tonight than we had last night, so let's jump right into it.



THE NBA (5-4 last night)



SU WINNERS (4-5 last night)




TOTALS (5-4 last night)

OVERS - Grizzlies/RAPTORS (186 1/2), Hornets/CAVS (196 1/2), Thunder/ROCKETS (219), Magic/MAVS (206) and Celtics/LAKERS (194 1/2)

UNDERS - Pistons/BOBCATS (195), Knicks/PACERS (185), Heat/HAWKS (197), Nets/BUCKS (194 1/2), 76ers/WOLVES (188) and Suns/WARRIORS (205 1/2)



BUTTA (1-0 last night)

Heat (-240) over HAWKS - It will be interesting to see how the Heat hit the ground out of the break. I believe they'll take the Hawks to the woodshed tonight, but even though the road team is 8-1 ATS in the last 9 games in this series, there's just not enough "wiggle room" between my projection and the posted number of Heat (-5 1/2) for me to get on the spread. Heat 97, HAWKS 91




1. RAPTORS (-1) over Grizzlies - Both teams start the "second half" with a b2b, but what makes this dangerous for the Griz is more the fact that it will be Rudy Gay's 1st shot at his former team. RAPTORS 102, Grizzlies 99

2. BOBCATS (+3 1/2) vs. Pistons - Pondering whether or not the 'Cats can win a 2nd game in a row is just not worth it. Pistons 97, BOBCATS 95

3. Hornets (+2 1/2) at CAVS - The 4-letter network is billing this as the colossal meeting between the last two #1 picks. Maybe that will mean something in a year or 2 as those players, and their teams around them, improve, but right now, it's hard for me to care. Hornets 102, CAVS 101

4. PACERS (-3 1/2) over Knicks - The projection I have for this game looks like a Pacer blowout, but Indy wasn't as dominant on defense in their last few games before the break. Maybe fresh legs will help them out against the Knicks. PACERS 93, Knicks 78

5. Nets (+4) at BUCKS - After a down to the wire OT game last night between these 2, there's no reason to think it won't be more of the same tonight. BUCKS 88, Nets 86

6. ROCKETS (+3 1/2) vs. Thunder - I know it doesn't look right, but the home team is 9-3 ATS in the last 12 games in this series. I'm not so sure about the projection I have for this game other than the fact that I hope the bulbs in the scoreboard have been thoroughly checked in Houston because they're going to get a real workout tonight. ROCKETS 127, Thunder 103

7. WOLVES (-3) over 76ers - I don't want anything to do with this one. The Wolves seem to be the darling of the day among those who are considered in the know, but the dog is 12-3 ATS in the last 15 games in this series. WOLVES 97, 76ers 90

8. Celtics (+7) at LAKERS - This early after the break is not soon enough to down the Celts just because they're on a b2b tonight. After all, they are 17-7 ATS in their last 24 games against the Lakers, and I don't think I'd trust the Lakers with this many points against a quality team anyway. LAKERS 100, Celtics 97

9. MAVS (-11) over Magic - Orlando is going through a really tough time right now. You know that I won't lay doubles, but even if I was so inclined, I don't think I could with the "defense optional" Mavs. MAVS 114, Magic 92

10. WARRIORS (-8) over Suns - Phoenix was in total control of their game last night in Portland, but they almost choked it away at the end. The Suns are a terrible b2b team too (1-8 in road finales so far this season), but this is far too many points for me to even consider laying with a Warriors squad whose confidence has got to be really frayed around the edges right now. WARRIORS 103, Suns 90



COLLEGE HOOPS (4-7 ATS/4-7 SU/3-8 TOTALS last night and 11-11/13-9/7-15 so far for the week)



BUTTA (1-1 last night and 2-1 so far for the week)

PARLAY: Oklahoma (-600) over TEXAS TECH and SO. MISS (-420) over Utep - The payout here is going to come back at (-225) so that's well within my tolerance. The reason for putting these 2 together has to do with a couple of things: First and foremost is the fact that the Sooners may be in a bit of a letdown after losing a big game in OT to hated rival Okie St. on Saturday. They are clearly better than the Red Raiders, who are one of the worst teams in all of the so-called "Power 6" conferences. Oklahoma can probably beat this opponent even if they peform at a lower than usual level, and that might just be what happens. So, I don't want to lay (-9) with them. As far as So. Miss goes, they are in good shape for a 1st round bye in their conference tourney, but UTEP is also vying for a bye as well and must win to stay where they are in the standings. So, even though the home team is 9-2 ATS in the last 11 games in this series, I still don't want to lay a number that has increased to (-8) on Southern in a game that carries so much importance to the road team.




1. NORTHWESTERN (+8, U116 1/2) 54, Wisconsin 53

2. OHIO ST. (-5 1/2, U126) 61, Minnesota 44

3. BAYLOR (-4 1/2, U147) 84, Iowa St. 62

4. OKLAHOMA ST. (-1, U136 1/2) 67, Kansas 62

5. Oklahoma (-9, U140) 74, TEXAS TECH 64

6. GEORGETOWN (-13 1/2, U137) 78, DePaul 55

7. ST. JOHN'S (-7, U118 1/2) 62, S. Florida 48

8. SYRACUSE (-12 1/2, U137 1/2) 71, Providence 58

9. C. FLORIDA (-6 1/2, O143) 93, Marshall 67

10. MEMPHIS 92, Houston (+19, O150) 73

11. SO. MISS (-8, O124) 75, Utep 60

12. E. Carolina (+2 1/2, O139) 78, TULSA 68

13. OHIO 71, E. Michigan (+17, O123) 58

14. BOISE ST. (-7, U142) 81, Air Force 56

15. UNLV (-4, U141) 66, Colorado St. 62

16. ALABAMA (-15 1/2, O119 1/2) 80, Mississippi St. 58

17. Texas A&M (+1, U119 1/2) 56, AUBURN 44

18. KENTUCKY 65, Vanderbilt (+11, U124 1/2) 54

19. S. CAROLINA (+5 1/2, U146) 65, Mississippi 63

20. ARIZONA 79, Washington (+12 1/2, O137) 68

21. ARIZONA ST. (-6 1/2, O125 1/2) 75, Washington St. 60



Very sorry, but that's all there is for Hump Day. Big winter storm heading toward God's Country for tonight, and it's not supposed to be very good weather to all points south of here either. Baten down the hatches and hunker down. There's plenty to keep us busy until it's over and we can start to dig out. Be careful out there, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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