‘Questionable’ for Chiefs, Gates plays pivotal role in Chargers offence

9/24/11 in NFL   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

Contradictory reports are being published in media, regarding the chances of Antonio Gates participating in San Diego Chargers’ weekend match up against Kansas City Chiefs. Nonetheless, most of the reports have leaned towards the absence of Gates from the match.

Gates has been dogged by injuries (specifically on his foot) since last season. Gates was out of action last season for a number of matches because of mysterious injuries to his foot. Now the saga is at the brink of its return. This comes after Gates’ failed attempt to participate in team practice on Friday.

Gates, Chargers prized tight end was under scrutiny after his average performance against New England Patriots in the last match. Now, San Diego fans will probably miss Gates services after the player was listed as ‘questionable’ on the injury list.

Even if Gates is out injured the question is: do Chargers need Gates to dominate in NFL. Let’s go back to Week 1, where Chargers were in the field against Minnesota Vikings. Gates caught the spotlight while catching 8 passes for 74 yards in the match. Chargers eventually won the match 24-17.

In Week 2, Chargers were set to battle against Patriots. It was an enthralling match but Patriots showed which the better team was by defeating their opponents with a score line of 35-21. This time it was Chargers’ Vincent Jackson that took the limelight, catching 10 passes for 172 yards and accomplishing 2 touchdowns.

Therefore, Chargers’ offense is potent enough to handle the heat from a team that has already recorded a loss of 89-10. Well if that is the case then Gates participation in the match is not as crucial as it seems. At this point rest is perhaps the best option for Gates. The tight end failed to catch a ball in the last match against Patriots. This happened for the first time since 2008, a record that stretches out to 34 matches.

Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick had Gates marked in the game which is also why Jackson superseded him. Kansas City Chiefs are without a couple of mainstream players in their team which means veteran Gates will have the authority to stomp over whoever he sees.

Now would that be the wise choice or handing Gates rest sounds like more prudent. Gates was extremely impressive last season. He could have been more had his foot been in shape for the whole season. Gates played in only 10 games but had 57 catches for 873 yards, a 16.6 yard average and 10 touchdowns.

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