Quinton Jackson hails Glover Teixeira Has no plans of retiring

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Blog Photo - Quinton Jackson hails Glover Teixeira  Has no plans of retiring
Quinton Jackson isn’t foul or big mouthed, but the light heavyweight is renowned for words that come out of his mouth when he throws around punches in the cage. Quinton Jackson, who is usually charismatic with a hint of controversy, is always ready to offer an honest opinion about any scenario.
Arriving from a devastating defeat in what is most likely his last fight inside the Octagon, Quinton Jackson was expected to run wild, trash his former employers, make excuses for defeat and criticize Glover Teixeira for his attack on UFC.
However, Quinton Jackson did nothing of that sort. In an interview to Fuel TV after last night’s fight, Quinton or ‘Rampage’ Jackson confessed his fighting days may be behind him. He also hailed his Brazilian opponent, Glover Teixeira as one of the best fighters in UFC’s history.
“It’s hard to swallow when you get your ass kicked but it’s part of the job,” said Quinton Jackson, who fell after a Unanimous Decision gave Glover Teixeira the bragging rights of a victor. Quinton Jackson admitted he couldn’t find any fault in Glover Teixeira’s fighting style or his approach.
“Glover did what he had to do. He took it to me standing up and he took me down a few times. He did what he had to do to win,” the former champion Quinton Jackson said. “Glover did a great job. When he took me down he didn’t just hold me, he didn’t hump my legs – he went for submissions and he grounded-and-pounded. That’s MMA at its finest. It was a very exciting fight. Big ups to Glover. He actually retained my respect. I respect fighters like Glover. I look up to fighters like Glover. Fighters like Glover are what make MMA.”
“Glover was just the better man tonight,” he concluded.
Quinton Jackson predicts Glover Teixeira’s future to be a bright one in UFC, even though the American isn’t sure about how his career would look like a couple of years down the road. The 34-year-old confirmed he planned on fighting a few more years, but could not promise success.
“I don’t know if I can compete with the top level people anymore. This is my first time losing three fights in a row. I’ve got a lot of thinking to do,” Quinton Jackson said. “I’m not gonna give up though. I’m gonna go back to the drawing board and work on everything. I feel like I can come back if I get my mind to it.”
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