RB Steven Miller willing to start at the bottom of Lions’ training camp

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Joining the Pros, Appalachian State product Steven Miller again finds himself playing a familiar role; going undrafted after being initially overlooked in April and later landing in the Detroit Lions training camp though without any guarantees.
The speedy undersized running back Steven Miller wasn’t scouted by any four-year schools coming out of high school in Piscataway, N.J. He ended up playing two seasons as at Nassau Community College in New York. The Detroit Lions would have never come across Steven Miller had they not been in town scouting their eventual fifth-round pick Sam Martin prior to the drafts. But Steven Miller turned the moment into a golden opportunity and caught the Detroit Lions’ attention with a jump 43 inches into the air; so they offered him a free agent contract.
Reaching to some level of recognition (however small) out of obscurity has been a challenge for Steven Miller and he might have an even greater battle up ahead. But Steven Miller is grateful for the opportunity that a recent workout for the Detroit Lions resulted in. Standing at just 5-foot-7 and 172 pounds, Steven Miller will have to find a way around the disadvantage due to his size while proving he is worthy of the opportunity.
"I don't look at size. I look up to guys like (Saints running back) Darren Sproles. With guys like that size does not mean anything when it comes to football. If you have the talent, you have the talent,” said Steven Miller. “Sometimes it just takes a little more time for others to get to know you because I did not go to any big schools.”
“I did not break any records. I am just trying to do the best I can do and show these coaches I can play in this league."
Steven said that while being constantly overlooked doesn’t anger him, it can be frustrating.
"Anything that bothers me in football, because I have such a passion for it, I channel it into motivation,” said Steven Miller. “It makes me work that much harder to get on the field."
Steven Miller’s former coaches back at Appalachian State believe that the running back has a “chip on his shoulder” due to his diminutive size but his astonishing speed makes up for the disadvantage. As a senior at Appalachian State, Steven Miller rushed for 1,368 yards on 239 carries (5.7 yards per carry) and ran for 11 touchdowns, while also catching 34 passes for 377 yards and four receiving touchdowns.
"I have been at the bottom of the barrel ever since I was in junior college," said Steven Miller. "I feel like I have been climbing the ladder ever since I've been playing football. I have no problem with starting at the bottom."
Steven Miller has the right attitude, with his willingness to take on any task the team sets him and committing to relentless hard work to while hoping to impress the coaches this offseason.
"They are going to see a player that is going to give 200 percent, no matter,” said Steven Miller. “I know I am going to make mistakes. I understand that. But I am going to bounce back regardless of what happens.”
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