RGIII Struggles Against Pittsburgh Defense

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the much talked about Robert Griffin III has earned every bit of hype he garnered entering the season as he has defied the odds while surpassing expectations. He threw a touchdown late in the game last week when facing the New York Giants to give the Redskins the lead with about a minute left in the game, only to fall because his defense couldn't prevent a 77-yard TD to Victor Cruz. 

His ability to escape the pass rush, throw inside and out of the pocket and use his legs to not only pick up the first down, but more is unrivaled. Not even Cam Newton, last season's rookie surprise has held up through the first eight weeks of the season.

Blog Photo - RGIII Struggles Against Pittsburgh DefenseRGIII entered his matchup with the Steelers having not faced that type of defense yet in his NFL career, and it showed.  Mike Shanahan, the crafty coach that he is, attempted to send his valuable asset out to the wide receiver slot and perhaps pull off a shocker against this stingy Steeler defense, however, it ended worse than he expected with RGIII taking a monster hit from the safety.

The Redskins have a prized possession in their hands and the fact that Shanahan even took a chance after RGIII's concussion earlier in the year is mind boggling. And he admits regretting the play-call. But regret is something he does not want to feel if he watches his QB  crumble and cut his season short. Griffin is the highly touted prospect out of Baylor, the Heisman Trophy winner and the #2 overall pick of the draft. 

Even facing a defense the caliber of the Steelers, Griffin managed to keep his stat line unscathed: no fumbles or interceptions. Fantasy owners around the world, however, were less than thrilled with the 11-point performance on Sunday. No need to worry though as his output should return to normal against a weak Carolina defense in Week 9.
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Scott wrote:
Not a surprise.  Defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau is 15-1 in his career against rookie quarterbacks

I wasnt surprised either - steelers defense is an entirely new level of physical natured football. RGIII will have an opportunity to rebound agaisnt a poor Panthers squad where he can outshine Cam? 

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Not a surprise.  Defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau is 15-1 in his career against rookie quarterbacks