Radamel Falcao Reaffirms His Future With Atletico Madrid

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In a recent press conference, Radamel Falcao was asked again about his possible move from Atletico Madrid to another club.  

“My reality today is Atletico Madrid, I have three years left on his contract at the club, just think. I’m very focused on this season and it is my duty and responsibility to the club is what matters the most .”

He also clarified his position about his possible transfer to England, most likely referring to non other than Roman Abramovich’s eagerness to have him over at Stamford bridge…

” There are rumors about a transfer to England but I can not think beyond, my present is my club and I am very focused on what I can do this year with Atletico Madrid .”

From the looks of it, seems like he has already made up his mind (plans) for the next half of the season with Atletico Madrid, but we know that the football world can be likened to any tele-novelas , as far as surprises goes.  If not this winter, maybe there is a great likelihood ofFalcao’s transfer to happen in the summer.  We’ll see if our guess is right but for now, this reaffirmation only means one thing…he will continue to do wonders with the Rojiblancos.

Atletico Madrid will definitely be the team to watch over the winter break.  With the team moral intact as a result of him staying with the club, a chance for Atletico Madrid to obtain the Spanish Liga Championship is just two steps away, not discrediting Barcelona and Real Madrid’s powerhouse casts.  Not only that.  We can also assume that Atletico Madrid, with Falcao’s presence, would be the team to beat in next year’s round of the Europa Championship.

For now, all we have is great admiration for Radamel Falcao.  A man with great abilities combined with his humility and determination..our kudos!


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