Rafael defends Moyes and urges Man Utd teammates to increase standards

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Blog Photo - Rafael defends Moyes and urges Man Utd teammates to increase standards
Manchester United full back Rafael da Silva admits Manchester United went under a huge change after Sir Alex Ferguson got replaced by David Moyes during the summers. The Brazilian right back believes the club is undergoing a big transition after the departure of Ferguson, who ruled over Manchester United for over 26 years.
Rafael also suggested that he was puzzled by the attention Moyes was receiving over Manchester United’s poor form. Rafael claims it was unfair to put Moyes alone under scrutiny since Manchester United players haven’t been performing at high standards as of late.
Despite the club’s poor form, Rafael insists Moyes is the right thing for Manchester United. Rafael further said that the Red Devils will benefit from Moyes ideology and tactics in the near future.
“It is quite a big difference. We knew there would be a change,” Rafael said. “The manager had just left after 27 years. It was always going to be hard. We have to take the mentality David Moyes has given us and use it on the pitch.
“David Moyes has a strong mentality. He is doing his own job. We have to use that in a positive way.”
Rafael played brilliantly in Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Swansea City, a victory that finally ended the three-game losing streak. The Premier League champions are now seventh place on the table and will be lucky to acquire a fourth position along with a Champions League berth at the end of the season.
Rafael feels Manchester United’s players are more accountable for the team’s poor record than the manager.
“I agree 100 percent. We are the ones who have to take the responsibility,” Rafael continued. “We have to show, like we did in the second half [against Swansea]. I don't know why everyone is looking at the manager. It is the players who have to do the job on the pitch.”
Manchester United were an unstoppable force last season, yet they have proven to be a much mellower force to reckon with this season. Manchester United’s strength depth has been severely criticized this season. Rafael believes Manchester United still has a strong squad and it’s the players that need to improve their form.
“We have to show our quality. People are saying United don't have a good squad,” Rafael added. “We have to show that is not true.”
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