Raiders RB Darren McFadden showing he will be back

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden sustained a fractured ankle that would have kept him off the field for some time. On the mend yet, he was quick to show that he would be back on the field sooner than expected and on Wednesday was at the practice field already, participating in the team drills.
Although he has been deemed by medical staff to have healed from his injury enough to play the game, there is still time for him to return to a hundred percent capacity. He has been given the green light to hit the field again and chances are will be playing the game on Sunday at the Qualcomm Stadium against the San Diego Chargers.
Raiders coach Dennis Allen said that they were expecting him to play but that still remained to be seen, depending if he was up to it.
"That's the direction we're looking at right now; we'll see how it goes this week," Allen said.
McFadden is on a $60 million contract that expands over six years. He is in nearing the completion of his contract and despite the talent he packs, he has been unable to show his true potential. At some games he has been an exception running back. But in most of the games, he has been nothing at all. Even though GM Reggie McKenzie made changes in the team which included cutting the salaries of players who were of little potential but were being paid too much, he decided to keep McFadden, hoping he would live up to what they had in mind. From his performance, he didn’t.
Already injury prone and suffering from a much worse case of inconsistency, he has for the majority of the season been a backup for Rashad Jennings.
Raiders fullback Marcel Reece said that McFadden was one of those players who were central to the team and replacing them was not an option.
"It means the world to us, to have our best player on the field," he said. "You can't replace a Darren McFadden. You don't replace a Darren McFadden."
When asked whether he would view the 2013 season as a loss for himself, he said he would but at the same time had to focus on the future.
"I feel that way, but at the same time there's nothing I can do about that. That time is gone. I can only move forward and deal with the things I have in front of me."
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