Raiders' Taiwan Jones jumps over car at Darren McFadden's birthday

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Blog Photo - Raiders' Taiwan Jones jumps over car at Darren McFadden's birthdayMost of us non-professional-athletes probably celebrate birthdays the same way - you have a few drinks, you have a few more, and you celebrate until your memory goes into a vague, hazy place. You play games that require no athleticism whatsoever, and actually test how out of shape you are. Maybe - just maybe - someone will do something impressive, like funnel a beer in no more than a couple seconds.

But when a group of NFL players get together for a teammate's birthday, much more entertaining things can go down. I'm sure there are still plenty of drinks shared, but instead of the drunken challenges being things like "I bet you can't chug this full cup of whiskey," they can be more along the lines of "I bet you can't jump over this car."

Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden turned 26 on Tuesday, and a bunch of his Raider teammates joined him to celebrate. I can't say exactly what went down earlier in the evening, but in the dark of night on a presumably Oakland-area sidewalk, Raiders safety Tyvon Branch got some entertaining footage. In a video that Branch posted to Instagram, you can see running back-turned-cornerback Taiwan Jones jumping over a car. Branch's caption said, "This dude @taiwanjonesnfl really just jumped over a car for no reason! Lmao I'm impressed tho."

Here's the video:


I know Branch said he did it "for no reason," but it sounded a hell of a lot like there were two hundred bucks in it for Jones. An impressive feat, this wasn't the first time Jones displayed his exceptional athleticism in an unorthodox situation. Here's a video of Jones jumping out of a pool from before he was drafted by the Raiders in 2011:

Unfortunately, Jones' crazy off-field abilities have not transitioned to on-field success. The electrifying college running back failed to see significant time in the Raiders' backfield in 2012, despite a plethora of injuries to running backs. The team moved him to cornerback - a position he hasn't played since 2008 - during the offseason, and he will be a long-term project there. What he does excel at, however, is special teams, where he is a nice contributor on kick and punt coverage. If he does make the 53-man roster, it will be strictly due to his special teams play. If doesn't make the team, at least he gave us Raider fans these cool videos.
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