Raiders passing game suffering from issues

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOakland Raiders quarterback Terrell Pryor said that on Sundays match against the New York Giants, his injured knee played a critical role in stopping him from giving a good performance on the field. When head coach Denis Allen was asked whether he was aware of such an issue, he said the quarterback had not mentioned this to him.
“No, that was never expressed to me. But, listen, I watched the game. You could tell that he wasn’t totally 100 percent,” Allen said. “So, we just got to go and talk about it. We got to make sure that if he’s healthy enough to go, then he’s up and can go and be effective for us.”
Pryor sprained ligament in his knee on November 3 against the Philadelphia Eagles, a match they lost. And now after the loss to the Giants, Pryor said he might finally get some rest for the ligament to heal.
Although the injury did complicate the coming games for Pryor, it wasn’t the only thing plaguing his game. He has only scored a single touchdown and made eight interceptions in four games. His stats have been sliding down the bar and is on a low mark  now.
Coach Allen pointed out that it wasn’t just Pryor but the team that was having trouble figuring out their game. Sundays game proved him right with the quarterback equally in hot water as the team. The Raiders passing dilemma is one that is clearly visible and needs to be resolved fast now. It has already complicated many games for them.
Allen said that solving the problem wasn’t as easy as it seemed. It wasn’t one thing they were solving, it was a bunch of problems.
“I think it would be a lot easier if you could say there's one specific thing we can pinpoint and say that's the problem we are having in the passing game. There are a lot of issues involved in in that,” Allen said. “We’ve had lot of issues with injuries, and changes to the lineup, and just feeling confident in what we're doing in the passing game. It's an area we have to continue to improve on, and we have 7 games to do it."
Health of the starting quarterback will factor into passing prowess, and it’s in question now. Pryor wasn’t present during Monday’s open locker room period, but he said Sunday that some rest might help his knee.
Allen said that he might have underestimated  the quarterbacks issue and would sit and talk with him on that matter.
“I'll sit down and visit with Terrelle more and find out exactly where he is physically,” he said. “It wasn't something we thought would be a big factor going into the game, but obviously it was a factor.”
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