Raiders removing sets to avoid home blackouts

Raiders find creative way to reduce blacked-out home games -- remove stadium seats

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Blog Photo - Raiders removing sets to avoid home blackoutsThe Oakland Raiders have struggled with attendance problems in recent years, but you can't say they aren't addressing the issue creatively. They've done two-for-one ticket deals. They've given away free bonus tickets women's mixed martial arts fights. But their latest idea might be the most surefire way to make it easier for them to sell out their home stadium -- they're eliminating seats.

We don't know exactly how many seats the Oakland Raiders football organization is going to eliminate, but we know they're going to eliminate the seats by covering the seating sections with large tarps. (If you've ever attended a Jacksonville Jaguars or Oakland A's game, you're familiar with these tarps). The changes will result in the Raiders having the lowest seating capacity in the NFL.

Congratulations, Soldier Field in Chicago. You just went up a notch.

The Oakland Raiders blocking off seats was a move announced today and reported by Paul Gutierrez of CSN Bay Area. Season ticket holders whose seats are being eliminated will be moved elsewhere in the stadium at no additional cost. Raiders CEO Amy Trask told CSN, "This is the tool we're using this year to create that vibrant community of season ticket holders."

I suppose that's one way to put it, Ms. Trask.

Blog Photo - Raiders removing sets to avoid home blackoutsThe seating sections being eliminated are primarily located in the uppermost level of Coliseum, that section to the left of the scoreboard in that accompanying image to the side. The section is informally known across Raider Nation as Mount Davis, because Al Davis insisted on the seats being added before he would bring the Raiders back to Oakland in 1996.

Now those very same Raiders are blocking access to the those very same seats that they insisted be added. Jokes, write yourselves!

Now I am a sports blogger who was not born yesterday, and I'm well aware that Raiders fans will often raise hell when you tease them about their team's attendance. No question about it -- attendance at Raiders home games has improved the last two years. But Raider Nation, you have to realize where you rank on the NFL attendance list.

So let's get back to arguing about important things, like the referees' and NFL's constant vendettas and conspiracies against you.
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The Raiders are following the A's lead by blocking off the Upper level of seats...The A's however, extend that to the entire level

How about getting the A's out of that JOKE of a ballpark, that oddly has home plate/pitchers mound/2nd base on the 50 yard line of the football field