Raiders will closely assess QB Terrellle Pryor

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The dual-threat quarterback trend is catching like wild fire across the league, the Oakland Raiders are considering why not to exercise that option, especially with a young relatively untested athletic quarterback in the form of Terrelle Pryor on their roster. That move will suggest competition in store for Oakland Raiders quarterbacks starter Carson Palmer and second-year pro Terrelle Pryor.
The Oakland Raiders know what they are getting in veteran quarterback Carson Palmer who has played in over 120 games in the league, since being drafted 1st overall by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003. So, the bigger question for the Oakland Raiders will be if whether Terrelle Pryor presents the right set of decision making tools to qualify as a dual threat runner-passer quarterback. Greg Olson believed offseason workouts and minicamps will prove high time to test out that theory while setting up Carson Palmer and Terrelle Pryor for some healthy competition at the quarterback positions.
"If you have a guy that can stay there and play 65 plays a game,” said Greg Olson, “and do those things and also be able to throw the ball from point A to point B accurately, if he possesses those skills as well, then you certainly have something.”
 "So that's what we'll have to find out with Terrelle Pryor. We know what kind of an athlete he is. We need to find out what kind of decision maker he is,” continued Greg Olson, “and we need to find out if he's a guy that can also sit in the pocket and deliver the ball from point A to point B accurately and on time and making the right decisions."
To a lot of Oakland Raiders fans’ great disappointment, Terrelle Pryor only got all but a few plays late in the season until getting his single start last season in the season finale against the San Diego Chargers. Carson Palmer sat out of the December matchup with cracked ribs and bruised lungs, and that’s when Terrelle Pryor got his chance to deliver some sparks across his performance. Terrelle Pryor threw 13-of-28 passes for 150 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in the 24-21 loss to the San Diego Chargers, serving the Oakland Raiders’ second straight loss during the stretch.
"I like the ceiling of Terrelle Pryor and where we think he can get to, but his skill set is completely different than Carson's, so we go forward with the idea, we know what Carson Palmer is,” said Greg Olson. “He's played in the league a number of years. We know what he can do."
However, the game indicated a key difference in both quarterbacks’ game. While Oakland Raiders are more than familiar with the traditional offense played with Carson Palmer under center last season, Terrelle Pryor had a more intriguing game, running for 49 yards and a score showcasing aspects of the offense featuring mixing drop-back passing with a read-option running game.
"We don't really know quite yet what Terrelle Pryor can do at this level but we have a good feel for what he is athletically,” said Greg Olson, “so there will be packages for both of them to allow them to compete and we'll just be ready in either direction."
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