Rajon Rondo May Return on Friday

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Blog Photo - Rajon Rondo May Return on Friday
This past Monday, Rajon Rondo tweeted an obscure tweet, “29,233,380 secs.” In all likelihood this tweet indicates Rondo's return. Rondo's tweet translates to 338 days, which would work out to this Friday from the date of his injury.
Rondo has also been very active in practice. “We’re really looking forward to getting him back on the court,” Brandon Bass said. “I think he’s huge for the team. He’s a veteran player, he’s been on winning teams, he’s won a championship, and he’s one of those pieces that when you add him to your team he simplifies things. He makes things easier for everybody. On good teams everybody doesn’t have to make all the decisions, Rondo simplifies things like he did for Hall of Famers and like he’ll do for second and third year players. And ninth year players like myself.”
Although, the Celtics will probably not make the playoffs, they have exceeded the expectations of many people who thought they would be one of the worst teams in the league. Instead, the Celtics have rallied around rookie head coach, Brad Stevens, and for the most part, have been competitive even in the games they have lost. With the return of Rondo, he will only help his teammates get easier shots, which may not translate into a playoff birth, but it will build a new foundation for this rebuilding team.
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