Rajon Rondo says he can beat LeBron James, even Usain Bolt in a race

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDespite turning into a team leader and maturing his game over the last six seasons Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo still retains some of the cockiness he had when drafted as a young talented player in 2006. Rajon Rondo’s pretty confident in his abilities, even if at times it may be to the other extreme, and he loves to talk trash.
During an interview with Mut and Merloni of WEEI, Rajon Rondo discussed the Boston Celtics’ slow start this season, his leadership role and getting team together from the offseason onwards with several new players on the roster.
“We have a long way to go, but we’ve got a winning streak going right now,” said Rajon Rondo. “Hopefully we continue it and get better each day.”
Rajon Rondo also expressed his opinion on the Boston Celtics’ rivalries with Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers.
“It’s our job to go out there and win, and we’re not trying to be friends with anybody. I think K.G. shows it best,” said Rajon Rondo. “He plays with a lot of intensity and he has no friends out there on the court. It’s just a matter of just competing. We love to win.”
The 26-year-old Rajon Rondo also reminded Kevin Garrett, Paul Pierce and himself are the only remaining players from the Boston Celtics’ championship team and are actively trying to instill the same fire in the hearts of the new players.
It didn’t take long for his ego to finally emerge when talk was extended on Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers’ recollection of Rajon Rondo taking on an athletics challenge against The World’s Fastest Man, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt.
Doc Rivers said in an earlier interview with WEEI Rajon Rondo and Usain Bolt argued over who was the fastest on an occasion when the Olympics 100m gold medalist wandered into the Boston Celtics locker room.
During the radio interview with WEEI, Rajon Rando still insisted he would win that race.
"Well, I wouldn't back down. It just depends on the distance,” said Rajon Rondo. “He might get me in the 100, I might get him in the 40 though."
Doc Rivers had recalled that Usain Bolt and Rajon Rondo agreed to race each other, but while drilling a ball.\

"Oh yeah, I'll definitely get him with a dribble," stated Rajon Rondo.
Doc Rivers had also offered that during a bus ride, the Boston Celtics discussed who’d be the fastest man in a race between reigning MVP LeBron James and Rajon Rondo. Not surprisingly, while the rest of the team favored LeBron James, Rajon Rondo believed he was the faster of the two. And the case remained so during the interview, with Rajon Rondo considering himself faster than other competition from the league as well. Rajon Rondo even seals the interview with a funny note on racing against former teammate Ray Allen.
M&M: Alright so answer the question then, you and LeBron, no dribbling, who's faster down the court end to end?
Rondo: Me.
M&M: I'd ask you about Dwyane Wade but we'll leave that one alone.
Rondo: Me.
M&M: I'd ask you about Ray but we'll leave that one alone.
Rondo: Oh, backwards. I'll beat him backwards."
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