Rajon Rondo says he'll never play for the Miami Heat

Rondo: I'll never play for the Miami Heat

7/15/13 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Blog Photo - Rajon Rondo says he'll never play for the Miami Heat

At his camp in Kentucky, Rajon Rondo made some fans pretty happy with his assertion that he would never play for the Miami Heat.

I'm not sure exactly how the subject came up, but Rondo was pretty clear with his response:

This is pretty consistent with Rondo's previous words and behavior. He's been pretty vocal against the Heat and several of their players, and he was never really all that close with former Celtics (and current Heat) guard Ray Allen.

Over the past few years, the Heat have been the Celtics' biggest rival by far, and there is a solid amount of contempt between the two teams. This will certainly further endear Rondo to Celtics fans in a time when there are rumors that he could be moved to cut salary.

Nice move, Rondo. I approve.
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7/24/13   |   alanballjr

I love Rondo. I think his game is so exciting, and I now respect him even more. I wish more athletes would have his attitude.

7/15/13   |   chrisflynn   |   11 respect