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Blog Photo - Random thoughtsAfter Jay Cutler threw one of the more mind blowing pick 6's you will see, he settled down and the Bears offense looked like they did last year during their 5-game winning streak prior to losing Cutler and Forte for the season. Cutler and Marshall will be fun to watch all year. Lovie Smith's bend but don't break defense forced the necessary turnovers that left Andrew Luck wishing he was back in the Pac 12 where no defense is played.

I told people all week that this is the time to play Luck. Once he figures it out--look out league. He even admitted that the play in week 1 was faster than the preseason. Aikman and Manning started slowly on bad teams.

Part of me is concerned the Packers lost their home opener against the 49ers. As a Bears fan you would figure the Packers will come out Thursday night and fix all their mistakes. However, while they may fix their mistakes offensively, this may be the first time I firmly believe the Bears can beat the Packers in a high scoring affair. The Packers secondary may be as bad as it gets. If you're a betting man--take the over Thursday night.

People are starting to question Aaron Rodgers after the interception he threw today. Someone even mentioned him looking rattled. Makes ya think about the NFC divisional playoff game against the Giants. Perhaps Rodgers will now see different looks from defensive coordinators around the league. Personnel plays a huge part in the scheme. Only a few teams can provide the pass rush the Giants and 49ers can.

Peyton Manning passed his first big test Sunday night in prime time in front of a National audience. While some will say the Steelers defense isn't what it's been in recent years, Manning doesn't have Harrison, Wayne or Clark to throw to anymore. Very impressed with Manning's performance.

Blog Photo - Random thoughtsWho were those NY Jets? After failing to produce a single touchdown in the preseason, Mark Sanchez threw for 3 touchdown passes against the Bills. Fans actually booed Tim Tebow when he replaced Sanchez during one possession. Paging Mario Williams. How much did the Bills pay you to record just one tackle and no sacks?
Loving CJ Spiller going forward for my fantasy team. Fred Jackson is 31 and now that he is banged up, expect Spiller to live up to his draft expectations.

For those who will cry about replacement officials, just remember how many times during the course of your years as a fan, the regular officials cost your team a game with their incompetence. Officiating in sports gets worse by the day. Just try to ignore it and you will live longer.
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