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Looking back at UFC show on Fox

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Dec 8, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA; Mauricio Rua (bottom) fights Alexander Gustafsson (top) during their light heavyweight bout at MMA on FOX 5 at Key Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY SportsIt's been a while since the UFC delivered such a stacked card on paper. They called it 'the best card on network tv'. It was nice for a change to look forward to a show, instead of being disappointed by an injury or a watered down card with mediocre fighters.

What an impressive performance by Matt Brown.  When you look at Brown's record it's easy to think Swick would continue his path back and pick up a win. You ever hear when a commentator for a baseball game says the batter is a professional hitter? I always joked that he better be--he's a major leaguer.

However, I finally get what that means and I'll translate it with a fighting analogy. Matt Brown is the type of fighter who, despite his record, will make you work harder than you thought you'd have to. Now you're never supposed to take any fighter lightly, but we all know it happens. And I know Brown had won his last 3 fights coming in. You just can't ignore that he has 11 losses.

I'm not even saying Swick is guilty of this; he may have trained as hard for this fight as any fight in his life. Matt Brown is just a guy who may be limited with pure skills or athletic ability; he just always tries to get better and is likely to out work his opponent, and in doing so frustrates and perhaps even surprises his opponent. I'll bet Swick left that cage thinking all those things.

I don't think most people, including Dana White, are thrilled with the idea of a legend at lightweight in BJ Penn, just refuses to dedicate himself and continues to take fights outside his weight class. The problem with BJ doing it now versus 5 years ago is simple--now father time has slowed his reflexes, which makes it that much harder to carry the extra weight while being as effective as he's been in the past.

Rory Macdonald beat him to the punch on most exchanges, and was just too big for him against the cage. Think about it--BJ didn't cut any weight to make 168lbs, while MacDonald cut nearly 30 lbs to make 170. Macdonald could fight at middleweight one day.

I don't think BJ should retire as some have suggested. I just feel he should stay at lightweight where he is arguably the greatest of all-time. BJ has yet to be embarrassed; hasn't been stopped or knocked out. When that starts to happen, then perhaps it's time to hang em up.

I said the same things about the greatest Heavyweight of all-time, Fedor. Fedor, for the most part was an undersized heavyweight, who utilized his quickness to beat everyone. As soon as father time hit him--he got caught in a submission.

The tricky thing is--the mind deceives the body into thinking you can still pull off the same moves. And all great fighters still feel they can do the same things they used to. Also, all great fighters still feel that even if they've lost a step, then they are now just slightly better than their opponent, instead of having the once great advantage they did.

There's also ego involved. While great fighters may respect their opponent, they always believe their skill set is that much greater. Prime example was when Fedor got caught in the triangle against Werdum. Everyone knows Werdum is the best there is in the world when it comes to BJJ. However, Fedor believed he was too fast to get caught in his guard. Most fighters would just stand up, but Fedor was too stubborn and believed he couldn't get caught. Father time, along with Werdum's skills, ended a streak that shocked the world.

I'm sure if you turned back the clock a few years, BJ's striking would've given MacDonald a better fight despite the weight difference.  And I get that Rory MacDonald is 23, and with youth comes a certain swagger that borders on disrespect. For him to say that BJ was his influence growing up, but then talk the trash he did, it just bothered me a great deal. I feel like there's a fine line with trying to hype a fight and a guy who just doesn't get what martial arts is all about. Respect and discipline is often lost with fighters.

If you're Phil Davis and Dan Henderson, it had to make you sick watching fighters that you beat, fight for a number one contender spot. Did Dan Henderson rape Dana White's mother? The guy is a legend in the sport and shouldn't have to wait for a title fight against Jon Jones. Does the UFC suffer from memory loss? Dan Henderson's resume speaks for itself. None of it makes sense. If Hendo is ready to fight--it should be his fight. It's a real slap in the face to the hardcore fan base who wants to see Hendo/Jones ASAP.

You think Shogun now regrets not taking the fight with Jones? After his sub par performance against Gustafsson, who knows how long before he sees another title fight--if ever? Gustafsson really presented problems for Rua with his length. Despite the height disadvantage for Rua, the reach was even. However, Gustafsson just punished Rua in the clinch. As much as Hendo deserves the title shot, Gustfasson may create problems for Jon Jones that no other fighter can. I do think Jones is too smart and would take the fight to the ground if he were in any trouble.

Nate Diaz is a clown. I mentioned lack of respect earlier with MacDonald--well, the Diaz brothers take it to another level. The thing is I can at least tolerate it from Nick, because Nick is the superior fighter of the two and normally backs up what he says. I just don't think Nate is that good and despite his 3 fight win streak in the division before the Henderson fight, I feel there are better fighters out there, especially Gray Maynard.

Benson Henderson just dominated the fight and Nate showed that he refuses to mature. No surprise--he never may. It seems that Bendo just improves with every fight. And to think he came from that small little company WEC. I remember watching WEC 3-4 years ago thinking that it was the minor leagues of MMA. I used to almost laugh at the thought of their top fighters competing against a UFC fighter.

Well, Benson Henderson is the lightweight champion, Carlos Condit just went the distance with GSP and as much as I loathe him, Chael Sonnen almost pulled off the biggest upset in MMA history. I was DEAD WRONG about WEC fighters and I don't mind admitting it.
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