Random thoughts on week 2 of the NFL

Wild Week 2 in the NFL

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If you had the Patriots in your survivor pool, well, how much did that suck? $50 I'm not getting back. Talk about an upset for the ages. The Cardinals were a 2 touchdown underdog and the Pats had not lost a home opener in Gillette Stadium, which opened in 2002. The Cardinals hadn't beaten the Pats since 1991. Yes, 1991.

To think the Pats went nearly 58 minutes before reaching the end zone against this Cardinals team almost sounds impossible. The only team to keep the Pats out of the end zone last year until the 4th quarter was the Giants in the regular season.

Sep 16, 2012; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski (3) misses a field goal in the last seconds of play against the Arizona Cardinals during the second half at Gillette Stadium. The Arizona Cardinals defeated the New England Patriots 20-18. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-US PRESSWIRE
As great as Gostkowski has been for the Pats, the funny thing is, as he was missing the game-winning field, former Pats kicker Adam Vinatieri blasted a 53-yard game-winning FG for the Colts to beat the Vikings with 8 seconds left. While Gostkowski may be the most accurate kicker in Pats history, we all know Pats fans would rather have the most clutch kicker in NFL history, Vinatieri, kicking any potential game-tying or game-winning kick. I doubt Vinatieri ever gagged on a game-winner that badly. Gostkowki's kick never had a chance.

Rob Gronkowski sure didn't help the Pats. On the final drive Danny Woodhead appeared to score on a 30-yard run, but Gronkowski got flagged for holding. Then after Brady hooked up with Welker to get the ball down to the 18, Brady tried to center the ball for an easier kick, but Gronkowski was flagged for a false start.

Now here's where you can say the Pats got ultra-conservative. Following the penalty, Brady took a knee and then spiked the ball. 2 plays in which the ball could've been moved closer. Perhaps they feared another Gronkowski holding penalty that would've made it an even longer FG attempt. I joke, but if you're a die hard Pats fan you had to be livid that the Pats were ready to settle for a 42-yard FG attempt. Herm Edwards did that as Jets coach in a playoff game in Pittsburgh. Herm always said 'we play to win the game', but in my eyes any FG outside of 35 yards can make you sweat the result. Unless, of course, you have Billy Cundiff kicking. 

Sep 16, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ,  New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) throws a pass during the fourth quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at MetLife Stadium. Giants won 41-34.  Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRENot sure if words can express my hatred for the NY Giants. While the Packers are my rival as a Bears fan, living and working in NY makes me loathe the Giants. Most of their fans are fair-weathered phonies. However, with that said, I cannot help but have the utmost respect for Eli Manning. I was so excited watching the Bucs put it on them for 3 quarters. Only problem was Eli Manning reminded them that the game has 4 quarters. What an incredible display of passing by Manning. He made throws that only a few all-time greats would've made.

ALARMING STAT ALERT: The Eagles have committed 9 turnovers in their first two games and are 2-0. What a difference a year makes. The Eagles couldn't buy a game last year early on, but now they're winning games they shouldn't be.

Anytime the Cowboys lose it's always a good day. Nothing more entertaining than watching that overrated Tony Romo explain what he did wrong in a post-game press conference. That guy just isn't a winner and slowly that once proud organization is turning into a joke.

Sorry Jets fans. We all knew week 1 was too good to be true.

How aggravating is it if you have Matt Schaub in fantasy? All the Texans do in the redzone is run the football. Did they forget today they have Andre Johnson? Yes, I know they won easily, but where's the fantasy love? Ben Tate is going to get paid when he's a free agent in 2014. The guy makes under a million right now and would start on how many teams in the league?
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