Random woman offers hanky panky to "Mr. Irrelevant"

VIDEO: Random hot chick offers herself up to NFL Draft's "Mr. Irrelevant"

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Blog Photo - Random woman offers hanky panky to "Mr. Irreleavant"There has never been a better year to be "Mr. Irrelevant", the guy chosen with the 253rd and final pick of the NFL Draft. This year, the final pick of the NFL Draft has received the bonus offer of a no-holds-barred night of action in the sack with a totally attractive random brunette who would very much like to have sex with him.

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The young lady identifies herself as Brianne (Breanne? Bryanne? Brie Anne?) in a YouTube proposition that gives a good name to crazy women everywhere. Sure, she comes across as insane. But it's a likable and approachable kind of insane.

She even drops a Big Sky Conference reference, so girlfriend maybe knows a thing or two about NCAA football.

"Whoever is this year's Mr. Irrelevant is going to earn himself a night alone with me," says the frizzy-haired East Coast hottie. "Our time together, I guarantee you, will be anything but irrelevant."

I wouldn't say the video is "Not Safe For Work", but it's certainly "Not Safe For Keeping You Mind On Your Work". You can watch it below, and for the first time experience dirty thoughts involving the seventh round of the NFL Draft.

Blog Photo - Random woman offers hanky panky to "Mr. Irreleavant"
"My name's Brianne," the woman says in the video, "and I live in New York City."

But she talks like she's from California!

"I've got this special place in my heart for the humiliated, the neglected, the last pick on the playground kind of guy," this magnificent little trollop explains.

But is the so-called "Mrs. Irrelevant" actually serious here? Consider that the young woman has now deleted her original YouTube post. It survives on the internet because several bloggers saved the footage while it was posted, and then re-posted it on their own accounts.

Honey, you can not post a gratuitous cleavage-and-sex-offer video on the internet without legions of fellows saving it to their hard drives for future repeated watchings.

Ironically, the final pick in this year's NFL Draft belongs to the same team that has the very first pick -- the Indianapolis Colts.

Many of us would now consider that the Colts' last pick is in a more enviable position than the Colt's first pick, Andrew Luck.
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If I am correct this means a special 'signing bonus' for CB Buddy Jackson of Pitt.