Randy Moss says Terrell Owens is one of the 5 best NFL players ever

If you're an NFL GM, you might want to see what Randy Moss says, and then do the opposite

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Jan 29, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss (84) addresses the press during media day in preparation for Super Bowl XLVII against the Baltimore Ravens at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsRandy Moss created quite the stir when he said that he considers himself the greatest wide receiver of all time, despite the fact that literally every single measurable statistic would seem to indicate that Jerry Rice is the only one with even a remotely valid claim to that title.

He has chimed in again with some of his view on the all-time greats, and once again, he's a bit misguided, and almost hilariously so.

When asked who he considered to be top 5 players of all time, Moss decided to go a slightly different route than most people.

Off the bat, he eliminated quarterbacks, saying that they deserve their own special category.

I get that. Some people's list would include 5 quarterbacks, while other people might not include any. Various NFL positions are so different that I completely understand that it's difficult to really compare Jerry Rice to Joe Montana, or Lawrence Taylor to Johnny Unitas.

Still, Moss' list was... well... interesting, to say the least.

He starts off pretty well, surprisingly enough:

"Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders"

Ok, I'm with you, Randy. I'm not sure I'd include 2 players at the same position, but if I were going to do that, you can't really go wrong with Payton and Sanders (apologies to Jim Brown).

Jan 31, 2013, Kenner, LA, USA; Terrell Owens at the eighth annual NFL Foundation Celebrity Bowling Classic at the AMF All-Star Lanes. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsThat's when Moss REALLY went off the deep end:

"Ummmmm ... you gotta put Terrell Owens in there."

Wait, what?

Even T.O., possibly the most egotistical of all NFL players, would likely admit that he's not one of the top 5 players in NFL history.

I'd even make the case that he's not one of the top 5 wide receivers of all time. There might even be 5 ACTIVE wide receivers who end up with a better career than Owens had.

Of course, Moss finishes his list the only way he knows how:

"Did I say me?"

Again... not sure if there's room for multiple WRs on a top 5 all-time list, but I get it. Moss is definitely a future Hall of Famer, and he deserves to believe that he's one of the best all-time, even if he's a little misguided.

The T.O. pick is really what stuck out to me.

Do you think he really believes that Terrell Owens is that high in the pantheon of all-time NFL greats? Or was that a friendly jab at a guy who was most often compared to Moss, when they were contemporaries?

Owens had way too many drops, and WAY too many team chemistry issues to even be in the conversation.

When you're talking about the all-time NFL greats, you don't need to pick guys with any weaknesses at all. There are enough great players that you can be ridiculously picky, and come up with at least 5 guys who had virtually no blemishes at all on their resumés. Sorry, but T.O. just isn't one of those guys. Quite frankly, he's not even close.

If you had to list YOUR top 5 all-time NFL players (include QBs if you want to), who would you pick?

Off hand, here are my top 5, in no particular order:
Jerry Rice
Lawrence Taylor
Jim Brown
Reggie White
Joe Montana

Who are your top 5?
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LMAO! I knew who the last 2 were before I read it. He tickles me. I like it.

Uhh, top 5 is hard for me, let me find my answer from the poll: Oh, I did top active qb's and top db's ever, so that's not helpful. ****, umm... Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor, Joe Montana (easy because they were on my NFL Mt Rushmore). I can't choose the last two..it's been 5 min. Let's go Reggie White and Peyton Manning. I almost put Brady, but I'm a Manning fanboy.

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tibsforever wrote:
do you belive a blue crab can devour a king crab,well you will withness it at super bowl forty seven???

go go ravens

2/3/13   |   tibsforever   |   23 respect

do you belive a blue crab can devour a king crab,well you will withness it at super bowl forty seven???