Ranking the NFL teams on how well they draft

Ranking the NFL teams on how well they draft historically, from 1 to 32

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Blog Photo - Ranking the NFL teams on how well they draftHow well will your NFL team do/screw up in this year's NFL Draft? The next few days will tell, and even then we're told it takes about three years to evaluate a particular draft class. But this three-year wait is unnecessary. I can already tell you whether your team drafts well or not. Teams that draft well will probably do so again in the 2013 NFL Draft, and teams that historically draft poorly will continue to make their characteristic poor choices.

In fact, it is statistically possible to rank each NFL team, 1 through 32, on the basis of how well they draft. Factoring these statistics from the last ten drafts into the NFL Draft just getting underway, we can project that the New England Patriots will have the best draft, and the Cleveland Browns will have the worst.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer went through the trouble of ranking all 32 NFL teams on the quality of their drafts the last ten years. Their findings were that their hometown Cleveland Browns are the single worst team in the NFL at drafting, since 2003.

Blog Photo - Ranking the NFL teams on how well they draftTheir criterion was simple: How many players that the team drafted were named AP All-Pro players? The New England Patriots had 15 players they’ve drafted in the last ten years named to the AP All-Pro team. The Cleveland Browns have had just two.

How does your team stack up? Here they are, the NFL teams ranked by how many All-Pro players they’ve drafted since 2003:

1.   New England Patriots  (15)

2.   Baltimore Ravens        (12)

      San Francisco 49ers   (12)

4.   Indianapolis Colts         (11)

      Chicago Bears              (11)

6.   New York Giants           (10)

7.   Cincinnati Bengals         (9)

      Green Bay Packers        (9)

      Kansas City Chiefs        (9)

      New York Jets                (9)

      Seattle Seahawks          (9)

      Philadelphia Eagles       (9)

13. New Orleans Saints       (8)

      Carolina Panthers          (8)

      San Diego Chargers      (8)

      Arizona Cardinals          (8)

17. Tennessee Titans           (7)

      Denver Broncos             (7)

      Oakland Raiders             (7)

      Houston Texans              (7)

      Pittsburgh Steelers         (7)

22.Washington Redskins      (6)

     Jacksonville Jaguars        (6)

     Dallas Cowboys               (6)

     Minnesota Vikings            (6)

     Buffalo Bills                      (6)

27. St. Louis Rams               (5)

      Detroit Lions                    (5)

29. Miami Dolphins                (4)

      Atlanta Falcons               (4)

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3)

32. Cleveland Browns           (2)

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The Browns continue to change the front office and coaching staff,  but they continue to make the same mistakes. They draft players that don't fit their system, or don't change their system to fit their player. They just drafted a 4-3 DE they hope to make a 3-4 outside linebacker, in the first round. That might be fine in the 3rd or 4th if there is an established outside linebacker already in place. If it doesn't work they just threw away the #6 pick. They did the same thing with Wimbley 8 years ago.