Ravens can't settle with Orioles, will open season on the road

Ravens lose turf war with Orioles, will have to open on the road

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Blog Photo - Ravens can't settle with Orioles, will open season on the roadMLB franchise the Baltimore Orioles did off the field what the San Francisco 49ers couldn't do on the field -- they beat the Baltimore Ravens football franchise. Baltimore's Ravens and Orioles had been fighting over use of their respective home ballparks on the night of Thursday, September 5. The O's already had a game scheduled against the White Sox that evening, and the Ravens hoped to open at home that Thursday night -- the traditional reward for the team winning the Super Bowl.

The two teams do not even share a stadium -- but they do share a parking lot. The Orioles play at Camden Yards, and the Ravens play at M&T Bank Stadium. But apparently the parking lot between the two fields is not considered large enough to hold both the Orioles fans and Ravens fans, so the Ravens will be hitting the road for their opener.

The Orioles refused to back down, and the Ravens will have to play their opener on the road, according to Bloomberg News. "Although the Orioles were willing to move their game from its 7:05 p.m. local time start," Bloomberg reported, "officials decided there would be too much congestion and it would be best to send the Ravens out of town."

Blog Photo - Ravens can't settle with Orioles, will open season on the roadProFootballTalk reports that the Ravens will still play on the evening of Thursday, September 5, and the NFL Season Opener will still feature the team that won the Super Bowl.

That means one lucky Ravens 2013 road opponent will accidentally get the honor of hosting the NFL's Thursday night season opener. The Ravens' scheduled road opponents this season are Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Miami, and Pittsburgh.

So any of those teams could host the Ravens in the opener -- except Cincinnati. Turns out the Cincinnati Reds have a home game scheduled that night, so that takes the Bengals off the season opener list.
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Interesting from a planning, operations, and safety stand point. But nothing to get too excited about. MLB schedules were released before the Super Bowl took place and rescheduling them would have proved difficult. In the end, I don't see any real negative impact in the Ravens season starting away.