Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco getting manhandled

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDolphin’s defensive end Olivier Vernon viciously tackled Flacco a second after the quarterback managed to rid of the ball. Vernon managed to beat left tackle McKinnie and got Flacco good in the left hip. Tandon Doss received the ball for a 40 yard gain but Flacco simply got up and didn’t even bother about the tackle.
Plays like this are becoming more and more common as Flacco gets sacked ever more frequently. Although his teammates such as Michael Oher might dub him the toughest quarterback in the NFL yet, these sacks are but signs of a persistent problem. Worth $120.6 million, Flacco doesn’t deserve to get sacked like this.
Ravens head coach Jim Harbaugh did know about the problem and attributed it to increased pressure on Flacco.
"Again, Joe, I would say, is still under too much duress," he said.
Flacco has been sacked 14 times during 5 games. He is now in league behind six other quarterbacks who have been sacked more than him. If this keeps on going as it is, he will have been sacked 45 times, which will be worse than last year’s 35 sacks. In just the past two weeks, he has been tackled 12 times by Buffalo Bills and 6 times by the Miami Dolphins.
Harbaugh definitely needs to do something about it and after the Ravens win, he vowed to work on the teams passing and guaranteed that it would improve till the next game. However, they have a long road to go if they want to step up their defense and give Flacco the protection he needs.
Eugene Monroe was taken from the Jacksonville Jaguars but he wasn’t tested fully during practice so wasn’t used against the Dolphins. Now, they are more comfortable with him and might just add him in.
"I think we're in wait-and-see mode right now. I think we'll see what happens. We don't really know for sure right now,” Harbaugh said about putting Monroe in the game. “Yeah, he looked good last week, he looked really good. We'll just have to see how it plays out. This is uncharted territory for us. It really is. We've never been down this road before."
Even though McKinnie didn’t perform well against the Dolphins, the coach was optimistic about the team’s defense and said that there were signs that they were getting their act together.
"I would say that it was improved. We lost a couple of one-on-one battles that got to Joe. But they were one-on-one battles,” he said. “They weren't situations where we had a miscommunication or protection error so that was positive. And we had a lot of good protections, too."
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