Ravens turn down Lombardi Trophy

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The Baltimore Ravens had a brief moment to live their Super Bowl dreams when the CBS bought the Lombardi Trophy to the Ravens training facility for taking head shots and player interviews to be played in the Super Bowl XLVII broadcast, but Ray Lewis prefers the complete package. The Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis won’t let his teammates touch or pose with the Lombardi Trophy.
However, Ray Lewis’ concerns didn’t arise from superstitious beliefs. Instead, Ray Lewis didn’t want his teammates to lose their focus. He wanted them to be deserving of the Lombardi Trophy, which is just a grasp away for the Super Bowl contenders.
“Yeah, you see everybody wants to have you take pictures with it. Like I told my team, don’t ever take pictures with nothing that’s not yours, nothing that you haven’t earned,” said Ray Lewis in an inspiring statement. “When we hold that Lombardi next Sunday, you’ve earned it when you touch it. Don’t fool yourself and try to trick yourself, ‘Oh, this feels great.’ Don’t go through that.”
“I don’t believe in jinxes and all that,” continued Ray Lewis. I just believe in, ‘Don’t set yourself up for something unless you’ve worked for it.’”
Although, initially a few players were unsuspectingly drawn by the charm of the forbidden fruit soon everyone fell in line as soon as the Baltimore Ravens defensive leader Ray Lewis’ message was delivered egarding their approach to the Lombardi Trophy.
“I'm not about to touch something that I don't own,” said Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith. “You can have the best cake in the world sitting in front of you, and I don't want to touch it.”
"Absolutely, that's not our trophy," agreed Baltimore Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones. "We haven't earned it yet. Ray Lewis didn't have to tell most of the guys. It's not ours. We got to definitely earn it this week."
“Once we win this game, then it will be our trophy,” continued Arthur Jones. “Then, we can do whatever we want to the trophy: kiss it, polish it or whatever. But until then, that’s just a dream.”
The Baltimore Ravens collective acknowledged the wisdom of the 17-year veteran Ray Lewis, who is currently the only player on the current roster who led the team to a Super Bowl XXXV win and their only Lombardi Trophy against the New York Giants 13 years ago. That Lombardi Trophy, sitting in a glass casing at the team’s headquarters, still serves as a reminder of the Baltimore Ravens’ hard work and determination; qualities they will be banking on to fill another glass casing awaiting its centerpiece as the Ravens prepare for the Feb. 3 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers at Superdome.
“I think its great.  I’m not superstitious or anything but I don’t want to see something that is not rightfully ours yet,” said Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. “We have to work to get it and that’s why we are going down to New Orleans.
“We got the Lamar Hunt, we seen that, that was in our locker room.  I don’t want to see the Super Bowl trophy until its rightfully ours”
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