Raw sewage leaks at Oakland Coliseum again

9/21/13 in MLB   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Blog Photo - Raw sewage leaks at Oakland Coliseum againRemember a few months ago, when raw sewage leaked into the locker rooms at the O.co Coliseum? Well, here we go again. The picture to the right comes from Twins' closer Glen Perkins' Twitter feed. Yes, that is raw sewage covering the visitor's dugout.

The A's are clearly in a completely untenable stadium situation, yet their attempts to move to San Jose have been blocked by the Giants, who claim territorial rights to the area. This stalemate has gone for years with no action by Major League Baseball or the Commissioner's Office. The lack of action was already ridiculous, but now sinks into embarrassment thanks to this literally stinky situation. Of course, the A's and those that maintain the stadium aren't blameless in letting this happen. Remember, the Coliseum is all but certain to host playoff games in a few weeks. What if the sewage comes back then?

The A's/Twins is scheduled to start in a few minutes. Let's see if it actually does.
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9/23/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

One has to wonder about that "Blue Ribbon Panel" that was set up what seems a decade ago.  Nothing has happened.  And there are no reports of Fisher and Wolfe pushing for a decision.  This leads me to believe that the votes to destroy the Giants territorial rights just aren't there.  Owners aren't willing to throw one of their own under the bus to appease another of their own.  So the A's are in a difficult situation.  There really isn't anywhere for them to go.  Their best bet would seem to be to see if they can finance a new ball park in Oakland.  I still think the Victory Ct. site just south of Jack London Square is the best available site and Oakland should do what they can to encourage it to happen.  Make no mistake...  Oakland should still make the A's pay for the ball park construction.  The city should just clear things away to make things easier for the team...