Ray Allen and Rondo for Amare Stoudermaire and Barbaso possible future trade

6/3/09 in NBA   |   k2ballin   |   0 respect

Not sure if this is entirely speculation, but it is being talked about (Gambo & Ash) on the radio as I write this. No sources mentioned, so take it as such. They did mention that Boston initiated the proposal, and that the Suns have not made a comment on it as of yet.

On the surface, I don't like the trade. And I think most Celtics fans would feel the same way. On the flip-side, Phoenix fans are calling in, saying that Amare alone is worth Rondo and Allen. My question - where the hell would Perk play? Unless there's more to this, it makes little sense for the C's. However, this is the type of haul that Ray Allen's expiring contract, and another piece or two (not Rondo, by the way), could bring.

Me being a Phoenix fan i think this would be a good trade. I like Barbaso and Stoudemire but Stoudmire would have been traded soon so at least they are getting two great players for him. Personally i hope this trade goes through because if Phoenix tries for the championship won more year Ray Allen will really help out with all his experince. Rondo would be perfect for this team because sine Steve Nash is getting older he can't play as much as he played before so Rondo would be perfect for filling in that role.

Any ways thats just my opion let me know what you think about it below.

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6/7/09   |   Kenne   |   16041 respect

This trade has the potential to be a bust for both teams, but it's still just an unverified rumour at this point.

6/3/09   |   mobs3

check the spelling dude stoudamire barbosa

6/3/09   |   jordanburrows

im not sure phoenix is getting the nest deal because allen is retiring soon and STAT and bardaso are young and have a bright future so not sure if it is the best trade for phoenix but we will see what happens

6/3/09   |   z3_coolest   |   44 respect

well ray allen is my favourite player and phoenix is my favourite team so can't wait

6/3/09   |   swimr4life1

wow that would be interesting