Ray Allen undecided between the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics

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Free agent Ray Allen cannot form a decision on whether to opt for a contract with the Miami Heat or return to the Boston Celtics. Although, the shooting guard will definitely be taking a sigh of relief after the Los Angeles Clippers were taken out of the running when Ray Allen canceled a scheduled visit with the team on Thursday, still the choice between the remaining two top prospects has been enough to keep him awake at nights. Earlier, the Los Angeles Clippers chose to go with Chauncey Billups and Jamal Crawford instead of the most awaited current free agent signee.
Until now, Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul have emerged as the key recruiting force in holding Ray Allen’s interest with the franchise. However, the negotiations took to the next level owing to a meeting with Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and president Pat Riley. Ray Allen followed up the meeting by a dinner date with the rest of the Miami Heat’s front office.
The NBA’s all-time leader in three pointers is coming off shooting 45.3percenty from the three pointer range and averaging 14.2 points during 42 games with the Boston Celtics in the past season. Ray Allen played a packed season due to which he suffered various injuries and was forced to miss 20 games. However, Ray Allen has a more optimistic outlook to the coming season, which will mark his 17th year in the league.
The Miami Heat has offered Ray Allen a three-year contract with a chance to earn $3.09 million per season. In Comparison, the Boston Celtics are offering Ray Allen a two-year contract worth $12 million.
Although the Boston Celtics just signed Jason Terry to a contract promising a big share in the on court-action, the team is still aiming to use Ray Allen as an additional backcourt support to increase the ball handling options. The Boston Celtics may also be looking employ a three-starting guards in the backcourt with Rajon Rondo, Jason Terry and Ray Allen collaborating to increase production. To further sweeten the deal, the Boston Celtics may also include a no-trade clause in Ray Allen’s contract, which will certainly interest the 35-year-old, especially considering his past two season’s experience when the franchise tried to look into trade options for the player.
However, a reportedly sour relationship between Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo last season could be mellowing the Boston Celtics’ chances at securing the guard; and tipping the scales in favor of the Miami Heat.
Even though Ray Allen will have a major part in the Miami Heat’s offense, still he may be playing more of an off the bench role owing to the team’s All-Star starting lineup including Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. It may be a somewhat difficult transition for Ray Allen who is more accustomed to playing starter, with a brief off the bench role last season.
The Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns were also to be interested in Ray Allen, but reportedly backed-off to other choices. However, Ray Allen is still open about his options.
A third team has also emerged as a likely target for Ray Allen. Although Ray Allen is not a top prospect for the Minnesota Timberwolves, still he hasn’t taken out of the equation that possibility.
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