Ray Rice apologizes for “Terrible Towel” incident, meant no disrespect

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There’s never been the need for more than a few words to spark NFL’s most celebrated and historic rivalry between the two AFC North powerhouses Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. But after another physical game featuring hard-hitting tough defensive squads from both sides, all that was needed to carry the rivalry off-field was a mere picture.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lamarr Woodley criticized Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for crossing the line after catching a postgame picture on Twitter of Rice heading towards the locker room with the sacred gold Terrible Towel draped over his head.

“Bad idea rayjust ask lendale white and tj whosyourmama,” Lamarr Woodley tweeted along with a photo of Ray Rice caught red handed in the act.

Lamarr Woodley was making reference to former Baltimore Ravens receiver T.J. Housgmanzadeh and former Tennessee Titans running back LenDale White who led their teams to ill-fated big losses against the Pittsburgh Steelers after disrespecting the Terrible Towels.

But Ray Rice claimed on Wednesday that he never hosted any ill intentions during the Terrible Towel indecent at Heinz Field.
“I actually asked a fan to trade, I’ve been trading to jerseys with guys after the end of the game, a fan traded me my gloves for the towel,” Ray Rice tried to clear out the misunderstanding. “I didn’t stomp it or do anything wrong, I walked out with it and I think I’m going to save it and put it in my basement to cherish the rivalry.”

Ray Rice has been known for exchanging jersey’s with fellow players at the end of the game and he’s made a vast collection of such sports memorabilia in his basement. And his generous act in favor of the lucky Pittsburgh Steelers fan, it’s hard to see how Ray Rice’s actions could threaten any disrespect towards the Terrible Towels.

“It’s not like you’re out there and doing derogative stuff like spitting in (the towel),” Ray Rice further clarified on his intentions. “You’re not going to catch me on YouTube burning the Terrible Towel.”

Still Ray Rice, who widely regarded for having a nice-guy persona, was willing to apologize if his actions had hurt anyone’s feelings.
“I apologize for those who’ve seen it as disrespectful,” stated Ray Rice. “I though it was a pretty cool gesture, exchanging my gloves with a fan and walking out with (the towel).”

“Their fans are great, their organization is great and the rivalry is always going to continue to be great,” continued Ray Rice. “To have something in your basement to know what the rivalry is all about is pretty cool.”

But given the amount of controversy and detest originating his harmless actions, Ray Rice’s bracing for a “bounty alert.”
“I hope I don’t have to eBay any of that stuff,” Ray Rice laughingly added about a possible pay of covering fines although he’s financially secure after signing a five-year, $40 million extension (including $24 million guaranteed) with Baltimore Ravens in July.
 However for Ray Rice, it all came down to that the Baltimore Ravens ultimately won Sunday’s game 13-10 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“Getting a victory there was cool and I’ll leave it in the past,” said Ray Rice.
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