Ray Rice fell off float at Ravens' Super Bowl victory parade

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Victory parades are all about letting lose and sharing your joy with hundreds and thousands of other individuals with similar interests. Goofy dances, bad singing…anything goes by at these festive parades.
The city of Baltimore was the most recent venue for such a parade, held in honor of their Super Bowl champions the Ravens. Celebrations had been in full swing ever since the Baltimore Ravens won 34-31 against the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday. Hence, the Baltimore Ravens brought home their second Lombardi trophy (following their first in the Super Bowl XXXV win) in over a two decades span since the organization was established in 1996.
However, the light mood and festive atmosphere of the Baltimore Ravens’ Super Bowl parade was nearly marred by disaster after Ray Rice almost fell of one of the victory floats.
The Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was in a genuinely happy mood, celebrating the team’s success with thousands of adoring fans. But while sharing some love with the fans and giving high fives to the crowd below, Ray Rice almost fell of the victory float.
“You know, the float stopped short and I fell off of it, but I caught myself,” Ray Rice recalled on the Boomer and Carton show. “I’m good though. I’m telling y’all that because y’all are my boys.”
It’s easy to fall victim to such incidents under packed celebratory parades, which only encourages one to draw caution from the wind and preserve one’s public dignity as well as physical safety. Luckily Ray Rice averted disaster and getting made fun of since he quickly pulled himself back onto the float. And he maintained the parade’s festive atmosphere by delivering the most suitable one liner his near fall from clumsiness.
"Ray Rice has no injuries,” continued Ray Rice in third person. “I fell off the float, but I’m good. … I caught myself in the pushup position, got back up and said, ‘Let’s party.’”
Ray Rice sure likes to party hard and you can’t blame the fans for turning up the festivities in response to the call by the Baltimore Ravens’ leading rusher.
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