Rays and Red Sox get in Twitter battle

Twitter fight between MLB teams? Yes, please

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The Tampa Bay Rays beat the Red Sox 2-1 yesterday to take over the division lead once again in the always competitive American League East.

That prompted the Rays to tweet from their official Twitter account and notify the Red Sox that their famous scoreboard on the Green Monster needed some updating, since it listed the Sox in first place at the beginning of the day.

Dear @RedSox scoreboard operator - your standings are wrong. Yours truly, @RaysBaseball.

— Tampa Bay Rays (@RaysBaseball) July 30, 2013

The Red Sox responded in kind, something you don't often see from MLB team twitter accounts. Hockey teams have been known to send some snarky tweets here and there, but MLB teams haven't really gotten into the action until now.

Don't worry @raysbaseball we look forward to seeing you in Tampa in September for our home games at the Trop.

— Boston Red Sox (@RedSox) July 30, 2013

Solid response by the Red Sox, referencing the fact that many Rays home games against the Red Sox feature more Red Sox fans than Rays fans, thanks to the abysmal attendance in St. Petersburg.

Of course, the always obnoxious Dick Vitale had to chime in, because he's Dick Vitale:

Stop whining Red Sox Nation & accept that ur Sox will finish behind our Rays despite having a BIG PAYROLL @DAVIDprice14 owns Sox @ Fenway

— Dick Vitale (@DickieV) July 30, 2013

Of course, what Vitale (and many others) conveniently ignores is that the Red Sox actually tied the game, only to have a run taken away from them by home plate umpire Jerry Meals, who later admitted he blew this call:

Of course, Meals had a terrible angle on the play, which once again raises the obvious question of whether or not there should be instant replay in Major League Baseball. Was this really the best he could do, in terms of positioning himself to make the call? I'd tend to say no, he wasn't in position at all. But hey, I'm obviously biased.

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8/1/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Jerry Meals blows a call at home plate that determines the outcome of a game...now where have I seen that before?

I think it's time Jerry retires from umpiring.