Real Madrid and Barcelona can’t afford Gareth Bale – Andre Villas-Boas

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Blog Photo - Real Madrid and Barcelona can’t afford Gareth Bale – Andre Villas-Boas
Andre Villas-Boas believes Champions League action will be enough to ensure Gareth Bale stays at Tottenham Hotspur next season. The Welsh midfielder has been linked to Real Madrid since 2010.
The 23-year-old attacking midfielder has been in phenomenal form for two seasons now. Tottenham Hotspur’s qualification for Champions League depends on whether Gareth Bale can continue to perform as a one-man army for the club this season.
Ander Villas-Boas believes Gareth Bale would be happy to stay at White Hart Lane if Tottenham Hotspur help themselves to the Champions League next season.
“I think so,” Andre Villas-Boas said. “This is where most of the clubs want to be, and where most of the players want to play. It's part of our objectives so hopefully achieving it means we can attract better players and continue to hold on to our best players.
“It's extremely difficult, as it's difficult for us to have a player of this dimension playing so well.”
The Tottenham Hotspur manager suggests Real Madrid or Barcelona won’t be able to afford Gareth Bale because of his high price. Gareth Bale’s current contract has a massive release clause and because of his phenomenal form, Tottenham Hotspur will demand a treasure chest in return from any club that desires to sign in the young midfielder.
“It is difficult for other teams with the economic situation as it is to buy a player of this dimension,” Andre Villas-Boas said. “At the moment we are very, very fortunate to have him. I think we can reach our objectives with him at this level and if we reach our objectives we can hopefully continue to have Gareth in our club.
“We've discussed this at length. Players performing at this level always get the attention. It doesn't mean that the club doesn't foresee a future with Gareth. It's intimately related to what the objectives that we achieve for the season. He's a player we rate very, very highly.”
Gareth Bale kept up with his goal-scoring form by scoring Wales’ first goal over Austria in a 2-1 victory on Wednesday. Andre Villas-Boas informed he was delighted to see Gareth Bale perform at international level and hoped he would continue to perform at such high standards.
“He's having a tremendous year,” Andre Villas-Boas continued. “I think he's such an outstanding player all round. We saw him [on Wednesday], his performance was outstanding once again. I think he's really enjoying his football. When players feel good about what they do they're able to express themselves a bit better.
“He's certainly amongst the five best players, for sure.”
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