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Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira wants Germany to live in the moment

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Blog Photo - Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira wants Germany to live in the moment
Sami Khedira reckons staying in the present is more important than planning for the future. The Real Madrid midfielder warned Germany not to over think or plan too far ahead for the 2014 World Cup.
The 25-year-old central midfielder believes Germany should follow the example of Spain, who are progressing by concentrating on one match at a time. Sami Khedira also reminisced about Euro 2012, where Germany lost to Italy in the semifinal.
“Every match during this qualification will be pointing the way ahead for us,” Sami Khedira said in an interview with kicker magazine.
“We should not fool ourselves into believing everything will be as perfect and that we will win every match again [as they did in qualifying for the European Championship].”
Sami Khedira also admitted that Germany was still coming to terms with the disappointment of not reaching the final or Euro 2012. Joachim Low’s side have been distant from German media after the Euro 2012 exit. This shows that confidence levels are not at their best at the German camp.
“Of course you can discuss whether we made the right tactical decisions and if we played the right players. But that does not count for me,” Sami Khedira continued.
“The crucial point was more like we were maybe thinking too far ahead towards a possible final against Spain. We might have to make a mental note of it.”
Spain continues to demolish any team that steps in their path to greatness. Sami Khedira wants his compatriots to adopt the Spanish attitude of playing football.
“I have never heard Spain talking about reaching the final - they always talked about the next match,” Sami Khedira said.
“This is what distinguishes great teams. They don't think about a possible opponent in the final when playing the group stage, but instead take one step at a time and fully concentrate on the 90 minutes ahead of them.
“We are working towards finally bringing a trophy to Germany, but we should not be talking about it for the next two years.”
Sami Khedira admitted that his teammates “were all pretty down” after the exit from Euro 2012. However, Sami Khedira believes there is no point in crying over spilt milk as instead Die Mannschaft should start living in the moment.
“What's the point in mourning wasted opportunities? You have to be ready for the next one,” Sami Khedira said.
“And we will get a new one, of that I am certain. We will be in a do or die situation again, and we have to work on it now to not regret anything afterwards.
“I am happy I was able to take a step forward during the tournament. But, in the end, it was not enough for us as a team and thus I can by no means be happy, and I question myself: was something missing on my part?”
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