Real Madridís latest signing Gareth Bale receives warm welcome

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Blog Photo - Real Madridís latest signing Gareth Bale receives warm welcome
Rain did not travel to Spain, but Gareth Bale did. The force of Great Britain has bid farewell to his home at Tottenham Hotspur to seek further glory at Real Madrid. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has confirmed that the club’s latest signing is the coveted Welsh forward Gareth Bale, whose services have been acquired for a world-record signing from Spurs.
Bale was revealed at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on Monday, where 30,000 supporters had gathered to give a warm welcome to their latest player. The crowd might have not been as massive and as electrifying as on Cristiano Ronaldo’s welcoming ceremony, but Bale did manage to attract a great deal of attention from them and the media around him
Perez, who delivered his statement standing in front of a photo of a ten-year-old Bale wearing a Los Blancos jersey, told reporters that the 24-year-old Welshman was on his way to become one of the greatest footballers in history.
“This is the club with the greatest demands in the world,” Perez said “Our fans will demand the most from you. But we will be at your side, as will our players. At Real Madrid the challenges are permanent, even after victories. Many of football's great players have been at this club. Today you are becoming one of their successors.”
Perez further said that his dream to re-birth the “Galactico” was nearing its completion, but hard work and diligence was required to bring Real Madrid to its prime glory.
“Years ago there was a boy in Wales who wore the jersey of Real Madrid,” Perez continued. “Gareth, this moment you dreamed of years ago, has now become a reality. You come to a club that demands more than any other in the world, but it will also be by your side. This is your club, your jersey, your badge, your place. From today this is your house, and your family.”
Bale, who had brushed up on his Spanish, delivered his opening speech in the local tongue to the cheers of the crowd. The young Welsh attacking midfielder declared himself to be a Madridsta from childhood was a bit sheepish and emotional, but confident about proving his mettle at Real Madrid.
“I just want to say it is a dream come true to be here,” Bale said. “I hope I can help the team to bring success to the club, and hopefully this year we can win the tenth European title. Hala Madrid!”
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