Real star Benzema lambasts against French media for unfair criticism

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Blog Photo - Real star Benzema lambasts against French media for unfair criticism
Real Madrid star Karim Benzema claims media went over the top to criticize his form when he was struggling to make an impact for France. The French striker finally ended his goalless-curse for Les Bleus last month when he scored in the 6-0 thrashing of Australia. Benzema followed up with another goal in the World Cup qualifier against Finland.
Ending the 1222-minute goal drought has brought some calm to Benzema’s life from the harsh French media. Benzema claims the 16-month goalless period was “the hardest time of my career”. Benzema told Le Parisien that the criticism started to affect his performance on the pitch, but he soon took control of that.
“It was the hardest time of my career,” Benzema said. “When you play at the highest level, you mustn't crack, never doubt, and always believe in yourself. Every day, people spoke about me. 'He doesn't score, he doesn't score, he doesn't score...
“And when someone else scored, people took advantage of that to point out the fact I wasn't scoring. After a while, come on, it becomes too much. I got the impression that even if I was good on the pitch, it didn't do any good.
“I understand the expectation, but sometimes it goes over the top. Is it necessary to hammer a player like that? Once people have said I'm rubbish, they could then move on. But even so, for the next game, it was back to me.”
Benzema insist he is open and fair enough to accept whenever he wasn’t performing well for club or country. Benzema concedes he would be the “first to admit” that his performance was poor.
“I live with it. I only ask for objectivity,” Benzema added. “If I'm not good, for my club or with the national team, I'm the first to admit it. After the goalless draw in Georgia, I didn't look for excuses. There was no understanding up front, little movement.
“In such a case, I'm happy to take all the criticism levelled at the team upon myself. On the other hand, if people think I've been mediocre in a game in which I played well but I didn't score, I don't agree.”
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