Reason for Gronkowski’s mystery injury misery finally revealed

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Blog Photo - Reason for Gronkowski’s mystery injury miseries finally revealed
Rob Gronkowski must have killed a Chinaman last year. The coveted tight end went under the knife after breaking his left forearm in November last year. After recording a miraculously quick recovery, Rob Gronkowski returned to action in Week 17, but his fate had more misfortunes laid in his path.
The NFL icon was fielded sparingly before he broke his left forearm once again. It’s easy to jump past the conclusion that Rob Gronkowski was brought back too soon, but the fact of the matter is that he gained official clearance before returning to action.
Nonetheless, the question before us is – will Rob Gronkowski ever be the same?
Just recently The Boston Herald interviewed a couple of orthopedic surgeons about Rob Gronkowski’s injury and his endurance levels after the surgery.
“If he heals it, it's one thing, but he has to actually have the strength to tolerate the amount of impact that these guys tolerate on a play-to-play basis,” said Dr. Forsh. “(Healing) sometimes takes a little more time for a bone to develop its strength again to retake that impact. . . . On an X-ray you look at it and say, ‘Oh, the bone is healed.' That may or may not necessarily say that he can tolerate the load that he sustained during a simple fall like that.”
Other surgeons claim Bill Belichick was wrong to bring back Rob Gronkowski. The legendary Patriots’ coach defended himself and stated that he had been given the green light by the medical staff.
“I covered that [Sunday], he was cleared medically. I don't have anything to add to it,” Bill Belichick said.
When Bill Belichick was questioned if he was aware of any long lasting harm that might be done to Rob Gronkowski if he was put on the field the coach replied: “I have nothing to add to it”. Bill Belichick had the same answer when he was asked about the process to evaluate Rob Gronkowski’s recovery.
Anyway, Rob Gronkowski went under the knife for the second-time yesterday. The surgery led to the discovery of a completely new truth – the second break in Rob Gronkowski’s arm had occurred in a completely different place than the first.
The details of the latest medical reports have absolved the New England Patriots and all of their medical staff of any blame they were put against for Rob Gronkowski’s second fracture in his left forearm.
In spite of this heart-lightening good news and exoneration for the Patriots an ugly revelation has managed to wriggle out of the medical report as well. Rob Gronkowski’s arm broke at the end of the protective metal plate that was installed in his arm after the first surgery. This means the second fracture is far from a coincidence.
The protective metal plate might be protecting Rob Gronkowski from further injury to his first fracture, but it is also providing pressure at the ends. Thus, Rob Gronkowski’s forearm could be susceptible to future fractures till the protective metal plate is removed. Now, that might take weeks, months, years and in some cases never. Therefore, this means Rob Gronkowski will have to be a bit careful where his left arm goes from here on. 
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