Reasons why Knicks’ hot start is going to last

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The New York Knicks have been fun to watch this season. While their early wins could have been associated with sheer luck, further down the season the New York Knicks has proven it’s no coincidence all that all their assets are working well together, just like the components of a well-oiled machine.
And while many dream teams have fallen over the course of the season (whether due to injuries or false expectations), the New York Knicks have comeback stronger from each minor setback and offer a promising picture towards maintaining their hot start.
Here are top four reasons to why the New York Knicks will sustain their hot start by continuing to play at a high level:
1.      Hot outside shooting
The New York Knicks’ explosive outside shooting has not only left the league in awe, but it is also a big part of their offensive success.
Typically, it is difficult to keep bringing a barrage of 3-pointers from outside, especially at the level the Knicks have been shooting since the start of the season – but the case maybe a tad different here. The New York Knicks’ hot outside shooting isn’t a conjuration of mere fluke, it comprises a significant part of their offensive scheme.
Rival defenses have struggled to keep track of so many shooters capable of firing up the outside shooting, while the New York Knicks excellent ball handling skills have space their guys across the court. Additionally, Carmelo Anthony has been fundamental in setting up double-team plays for New York Knicks.
Still when Carmelo Anthony has missed time this season, the heavy veteran presence at point guard and throughout the roster has kept them floating, proving their outside shooting success does’t just ride on one guy.
2.      Key players returning
What has been pleasantly surprising about the New York Knicks’ hot start in early seaosn is that they’ve been playing this season without three players – Amar’e Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert and Marcus Camby (for the most part) – who were supposed to have big roles on the team.
But with Amar’e Stoudemire slated to return for Christmas and Iman Shumpert’s return schedulued around January, the New York Knicks will boast a deeper rotation.
Moreover, over the season, the New York Knicks have only shown weaknesses at rebounding and playing inside the paint – issues which these three players excel at addressing.
3.      Efficiency and Consistency
The New York Knicks have stuck with their early season identity, with their hot start coming down to a strong defense, and offensive success based on ball movement, explosive outside shooting and Carmelo Anthony clearly leading at offensive side of floor. And now with Amar’e Stoudemire returning, New York Knicks could continue this run down the season.
The New York Knicks have also given lesser turnovers and delivered an increased efficiency at shooting, courtesy of the veteran roster. Additionally, with both Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler listed among the top 12 players in terms of PER, it’s easy to where the top five ranking New York Knicks’ offensive prowess comes from.
4.      Home court advantage
Winning home games is the ultimate formula for setting things into motion before focusing on the road games. And the New York Knicks hot start has shown signs of success in this department, remaining undefeated (8-0) at home court.
The New York Knicks should maintain their home court dominance for at least reaching the 50-plus win total this season. Besides, the Madison Square Garden has returned to its former packed and lively form, with crowds rallying behind their players on home court.
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