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Recapping the 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 16

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Blog Photo - Recapping the 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 16Today concluded the 2014 Winter Olympics. The final event was the hockey gold medal, won by Canada as we already discussed. The closing ceremonies have been completed and the Olympic flame has been extinguished. There was a few events today (ok, three, counting hockey), so here's your final daily Olympic recap, including a full look at the medal count. Final thoughts to come later.

Bobsled Thriller Going into the last two runs of the four man bobsled, it was a four sled competition, with Russia leading, followed by Latvia, the United States, and Germany. The Germans faltered a bit in the third run, but the second Russia sled had a great run to put themselves in the medal picture. With the pressure on, Steven Holcomb and his American teammates just beat out the Russians for bronze by .03 seconds. Latvia then guaranteed themselves silver and put pressure on the top Russian sled. The Russians, led by two man gold medalists Aleksandr Zoubkov, did the job, winning gold by .09 seconds.

Sweep for Russia In the final individual event of the Games, the men's 50k cross-country race, the home crowd got a huge thrill when three Russians entered the stadium first, along with Martin Johnsrud Sundby of Norway. Alexander Legkov won the race by 0.7 seconds, while Maxim Vylegzhanin beat out Ilia Chernousov in the photo finish for second, and both beat out Sundby to end the Games with a Russian sweep. The race is currently airing on NBC, and I'm hoping for an epic call from Chad Salmela. Of some intrigue was that American Noah Hoffman was up with the leaders for much of the race, but he ran out of gas in the final 7.5 km and fell back to 26th.

Medal Count Russia's big final day means they win the medal count, any way you slice it. They won the most total medals with 33 and the most gold medals with 13. The United States took 2nd in total medals with 28, but fourth in golds with 9. Here's the top 10 and some other notables:

1. Russia 33 (13 G, 11 S, 9 B)
2. United States 28 (9 G, 7 S, 12 B)
3. Norway 26 (11 G, 5 S, 10 B)
4. Canada 25 (10 G, 10 S, 5 B)
5. Netherlands 24 (8 G, 7 S, 9 B)
6. Germany 19 (8 G, 6 S, 5 B)
7. Austria 17 (4 G, 8 S, 5 B)
8. France 15 (4 G, 4 S, 7 B)
9. Sweden 15 (2 G, 7 S, 6 B)
10. Switzerland 11 (6 G, 3 S, 2 B)

Others of Note:

China 9 (3 G, 4 S, 2 B)
Italy 8 (0 G, 2 S, 6 B)
Belarus 6 (5 G, 0 S, 1 B)
Poland 6 (4 G, 1 S, 1 B)
Finland 5 (1 G, 3 S, 1 B)
Great Britain 4 (1 G, 1 S, 2 B)
Australia 3 (0 G, 2 S, 1 B)

Some Notes:
  • Team USA's medal distribution by sport: Freestyle skiing 7, Snowboarding 5, Alpine Skiing 5, Bobsled 4, Figure Skating 2, Skeleton 2, Hockey 1, Short Track 1, Luge 1
  • The USA's 28 medals is the most ever for us in a Winter Olympics not held in North America.
  • Of the Netherlands 24 total medals, 23 of them came in long track speed skating. The other one came in, of course, short track.
  • Germany fell from 30 medals in Vancouver to 19 this time around.
  • Italy did not win a gold medal for the first time since 1980.
  • Belarus wins the best distribution of medals, and all but 1 were gold.
  • Doesn't it feel like Finland should have more than that? The crazy thing though is, their gold in cross country skiing is their first Winter gold since 2002.
  • Slovakia won just one medal, but at least was gold, won by Anastasiya Kuzmina in biathlon. The other one medal wonder countries were Croatia (one silver) and Kazakhstan (one bronze).
  • No country who didn't medal was really a surprise. The largest delegation of a country who didn't medal appears to be Spain, but well, it's Spain.
On Tap At 7 eastern, NBC will show it's documentary on Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, followed by the closing ceremonies at 8:30. That'll be it from Sochi.
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