Red Bull dominated the Korean Grand Prix Vettel wins, Webber comes second

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Blog Photo - Red Bull dominated the Korean Grand Prix  Vettel wins, Webber comes second
Red Bull is making progress with leaps and bounds in the second half of the season. Red Bull drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber dominated the Yeongam circuit on Sunday. Eventually, Sebastian Vettel came first and Mark Webber came in second.
Mark Webber had a good chance of thwarting his teammate for the first place, but the Australian wasn’t able to get off to a good start from pole position. Nonetheless, it was perhaps best for Sebastian Vettel to win the race, as he now leads the Championship with six points.
The 25-year-old German toppled Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso on top of the Drivers Standings. The Spaniard had already declared the remaining four races to be a mini-championship between him and Sebastian Vettel.
Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber clearly showed how dominant the RB8 could become. Both drivers were happy with the performance of their cars, but Mark Webber believes he could have done better at the Yeongam circuit.
“The start wasn’t sensational,” in his post-race interview on the podium. “I’ll have to look into it but yeah, probably the initial getaway wasn’t too great but after that it was… everyone wants… it’s not the best corner to lead off so I thought, OK, we won’t risk too much in the first corner, and then we got a good slipstream off Sebastian but it was just neck-and-neck for us along the back straight. After that I just tried to hang in there as best I could. But then it was just about tyres, looking after the front right. And at the end of each stint it was difficult to keep the front right alive.
Mark Webber admitted being challenged on certain parts of the Yeongam circuit, but overall he was happy with his performance.
“Yeah, the first two stints were quite tricky for me and then the last stint I was much happier with the balance but it was all too late then. So, good drive for Seb, great day for the team, the guys did a great job. Of course I’m disappointed but I’m happy to get a good result in the other side as well. Thanks to all the fans for coming out today. Cheers.”
With the results of this race, Mark Webber is fifth placed, just a point behind Lewis Hamilton at 152. Sebastian Vettel leads the Championship with 215 points and Fernando Alonso comes in second with 209 points.
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