Red Bullís crew and car are the secret to Sebastian Vettelís success

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Blog Photo - Red Bullís crew and car are the secret to Sebastian Vettelís success
Sebastian Vettel has become untouchable! The Red Bull driver dominated at the Korean Grand Prix, just like he did at the Japanese Grand Prix and the Singaporean Grand Prix. The young German has become unstoppable!
This time however, Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull teammate Mark Webber joined him in the action. The Australian followed the defending Champion around the track to grab second place at the Korean Grand Prix.
Sebastian Vettel’s success demoted Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso to second place. The Spaniard is now six points behind Sebastian Vettel. Mark Webber, who now has 152 points, is just a point away from knocking off McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton from fourth place.
This is the first time Sebastian Vettel has led the Championship this season. Now that he has the momentum on his side, a showdown between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton can be expected in the remaining four races.
Red Bull became the first team to record a 1-2 victory this year. Ferrari and McLaren had opportunities to achieve this feat, but failed miserably. Sebastian Vettel reckons his car and crew are responsible for a large part of all the success he has recorded.
“I think the motivation is still there for sure,” Sebastian Vettel said. “The guys, I don’t know, I could not deal a single night with that lack of sleep and they do it three weeks in a row. So, really impressive and I think we are not lacking motivation.
“The spirit is perfect in the garage, the atmosphere is great and I think we all want to do our best and to really try and win the race on a Sunday. I think we’ve been pushing very hard all season; we have tried lots of stuff.
“Sometimes it was more successful than other times but the most important is today. Obviously whatever happened is history and we have to look forward. Very pleased with the result today. I think we can have a couple of drinks tonight before heading back. It’s difficult to predict the next couple of races. As you said, the first 1-2 this year, I think it shows how difficult the season has been for everyone.”
Sebastian Vettel has labelled the RB8 as his dream car. The 25-year-old claims the RB8 is the finest car Red Bull has ever produced. The young German can really rant on about the perfect balance and raging power, which should be of concern for Ferrari as they don’t plan on adding any new parts or improvements to their car.
Even Fernando Alonso has confessed that Red Bull’s car and crew are doing an exceptionally impressive job. Well, the proof of that can be validated from the success rate of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.
Sebastian Vettel will now travel to New Delhi for the Indian Grand Prix with hopes of recording his fourth victory in as many races.
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