Red Sox need to fire Bobby Valentine

Is there any hope left for the Red Sox this year?

8/6/12 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

August 3, 2012; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine (25) walks to the mound to relieve pitcher Craig Breslow (not pictured ) during the seventh inning against the Minnesota Twins at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-US PRESSWIREThe Red Sox are in the middle of one of their most atrocious seasons in recent memory.

The mediocrity really started last September, when they finished the season on an 7-20 slide.

It still hasn't stopped. They just lost 3 of 4 to the Minnesota Twins, and are sitting at 54-55. They're 5th in the race for the 2nd wild card, and they're 4.5 games out of a playoff spot with no signs of improvement on the horizon.

Is there an answer? No one truly knows, but John Tomase says there's one thing that's important: Bobby Valentine must go.

Last year, manager Tito Francona was one of the victims following the Red Sox meltdown. This year, Valentine must be the same.

He has done some things right, without a doubt. Valentine manages the bullpen pretty well. Much better than Francona, in fact. And the way he has seamlessly inserted young players into the lineup is remarkable as well.

The biggest problem with Valentine: Communication.

Every day, it seems like there's another player upset about something stupid that Valentine says.

Whether it's claiming that Kevin Youkilis wasn't giving his full effort, or offering a sarcastic "Nice inning, Will" to rookie Will Middlebrooks after he committed two errors, Valentine has done quite a job of alienating his players.

While it's hard to say whether or not the Sox would improve under a new manager, it's pretty clear: Valentine definitely isn't the guy for the job, and there's nothing to lose by firing him.

It's time for the Red Sox to make a move, and Valentine needs to go.
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8/15/12   |   Scott   |   53904 respect

Valentine was out of his league for this job to begin with but my question is when will the time come when the core group of players will take responsibility for how poorly they are playing?

8/7/12   |   escobar1721   |   7008 respect

Hiring Bobby was dumb, dumb, dumb!!!! I'm not even a red sox fan but as a sports fan I hate to see a prestige franchise like the sox being led by a BAD, BAD, BAD manager! Best of luck soxs nation.

8/7/12   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

Valentine is a classless jerk who is a great manager in his own mind. Considering the history of the franchise, how they ever parted ways with Francona is beyond me. 2 World Championships should've given him a lifetime contract.

8/7/12   |   Seca4pme   |   72 respect

Just another thought but Scioscia definitely knows the Red Sox very well......but sure that in Boston Nation that would not go over very well!

8/7/12   |   Seca4pme   |   72 respect

Maybe Mike Scioscia is thinking about applying for the job as he continues to make very poor managing decisions and losing games for us!