Redskins Fan's License Plate Mocks Tony Romo

Quite Possibly The Greatest License Plate Ever

9/25/08 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I've lived in Washington, DC a couple of times in my life, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed by how hardcore Redskins fans are. They definitely mean business, and they're not afraid to make their loyalties known. Or absolutely trash their bitter rivals.

Case in point is this magnificent license plate spotted on a Virginia car this week.

Either the guy that processed this at the DMV isn't a big football fan, or he's the biggest one on earth. I'm leaning towards the later.

And speaking as someone who utterly hates the Cowboys, all I can say is this. Well played Redskins fan. Well played indeed. May this license plate bring you great fortune in your Sunday matchup against Dallas.

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4/8/09   |   BlazerJoe   |   103 respect

That's just awesome!

9/27/08   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

bravo & thank you have made my point exactly.absolutely NO personally attacks are to be made regardless of who you are including mods/featured writers/commissioners.
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Oh, that's funny.  Let's look at your last post.

show us more of just how utterly stupid you make yourself look by saying what you just said.thank you for your response from the short bus

Sure looks like a personal attack to me.  And I wasn't attacking you, I was attacking the "LOLspeak"

But whatever, at least you're typing in English now so people can actually take what you say somewhat seriously.  Have a nice day.

9/26/08   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

hmmmmm...i find it incredibly remarkable that you say you cant understand me yet you manage to read my posts & reply to said posts.very interesting indeed,please show us more of just how utterly stupid you make yourself look by saying what you just said.thank you for your response from the short bus

I understood the one sentence, it was all words with the exception of "U".

Now was it that hard.  Granted a personal attack is pretty worthless, but no one will ever take you seriously with the "OMG y lol" talk.  And it's not like it really takes extra time.

9/26/08   |   Jess   |   34886 respect

Just a reminder  - no name calling or other personal nice, boys; all of ya.

As per the Code of Conduct:
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9/26/08   |   bayareabeast21   |   350 respect


You're a waste of space

9/26/08   |   jamesrhammer

Oh he knows its posted here and it is real.  Its on my friends ride and I think it is awesome! F-Romo, F-The Cowboys, F-their stuck up front running fans!  Oh by the way my fiance is a Cowboys fan. I cant wait for this Sunday! We get to shut down that POS stadium with one last Redskin win!  HAIL!

9/26/08   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

LOL what words of wisdom from a CU fan.Excuse yourself from this discussion coz your fave university employed a TENURED professor that actually told his students 2 go out do drugs AND have unprotected sex.You continue 2 talk insult after insult and u say this site sux.Plz enlighten us y u are still on this site if u don't like it so much.U make absolutely no sense whatsoever.It's totally clear 2 every1 but yourself that the ONLY way u can feel better about urself is 2 insult and belittle ppl.

Did you actually say "U make absolutely no sense whatsoever"

This coming from the guy who can't make a readable sentence. 

9/26/08   |   bayareabeast21   |   350 respect


9/25/08   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

 Another post inspired by dog poop.


9/25/08   |   larbear340

What do you a football player and a fan that has no penis?  A Redskin or is it a hog?  Prabably the same - no biggie!  I think it is better to have a 1" penis than not to have one at all - Have a great day and we will see you Sunday -

9/25/08   |   lisas_pink

oh its real all right !!! LMAO!! he has no idea that it was posteed here.. hahahah.. nice!!

9/25/08   |   jo6est

F ROMO, thats it??? Geez, what a waste of 2 minutes of my life

9/25/08   |   abalerocha

Ok Jr. lets not talk about your penis size. Were talking football... If thats the best you got then your not as smart as you think. Tell ya what... grow up a little and we can talk more about football. Admit it you are jealous, or you wouldnt be talking so much B.S. Look at your History we are the #1 franchise and we will return to glory.  Go Cowboys!!!

9/25/08   |   abalerocha

Scoreboard, douche. The Cowboys haven't won a playoff game in 12 years. Until they prove it when it counts, they're the worst team in the division.

 Wake up Jr its all about to change...Hate us we love it!!! It shows your jealousy...

9/25/08   |   abalerocha

Well see about your relevant comment holds true.  As for the Michael Irvin situation... Yes he had some up in downs in his life. Oh... wait haven't we all??? Their's no excuse for what happen then. But didn't they win the Super Bowl that year? As you can see all those players in the 90"s are no longer with the team today. And if we still had them all today, at their age, they would all still whoop that Foreskin ass! Let me remind you were talking about what's happening today... not what's happen in the past. The people from Dallas don't hate the Foreskins nor the broken wing Eagles or the Little Giants. We love to be hated! It just goes to show who is the more superior team.

9/25/08   |   Dani_B

First of all I think thats the saddest thing I ever seen.Secondly guy get a life, or find a little more meaning in your life. Who puts hateful remarks about players on their plates, shirt maybe but your plates. Some body has entirley toomuch time on their hands. Plus You may very well be a redskins fan, but a fooball fan your not.I am a cowboy fan till I die, but I am also a fan of the sport, so I would never take any thing away from another player or team or do silly stuff like that. True enough I wish for my team to smash every team they play, nut thats as far as it goes. He must be one of those people who wish other players would get hurt so his team can win instead of hopng they win cause they played better that day. And lets be honest, their is a little more their than just about jealousy. Yes maybe you wish romo belonged to the skins, or maybe he wish the skins werew as good as the boys, or just maybe, just maybe romo knocked off his girl the last time he was in  town to whip on them skins. I feel as though I got my point across, but before I go let me leave all you readers with this one question. Out of all the other 31 teams and the other three in our division, why do I feel the cowboys is the only team he has put on his plates?????? Hmmm Got to be a lil more than hate their dont you think?

9/25/08   |   sean119988662001

He probably has another just like it on his trailer. 


9/25/08   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

Like I have previously typed...This should be no surprise that the plate is in Virginia....Home of the Vanity plates....That being typed, why would Joe SImpson let everyone see his plates?

9/25/08   |   BobsBlitz

(Edited by Jubanator14)

That is funny & I think it is real because a Virgina database search for F Romo says, "Personalized message already taken. You can only purchase it if you already reserved this message or it is on a vehicle you own."

9/25/08   |   abalerocha

It nice to see all you Cowboys haters still think about the Cowboys! Hell, if I had something to say about any other person on different teams. I sure wouldn't put their name on my License plate. I would just say it out loud. Hey, what can you say either you love em or hate em. The Cowboys will always be America's Team. And how many Super Bowls have the Redskins won or been in? Not as many as your America's Team The Dallas Cowboys. Just face it... The Cowboys are the most visible franchise in the WORLD!!! Yes... THE WORLD! So to all the haters out there... GET YOUR POPCORN READY!! HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!

9/25/08   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

Frank Romo has no idea what the big deal is.

9/25/08   |   jgprince

FROMO...can't they even spell, isn't suppose to be FRODO.

This is in honor of Redskins owner, that little hobbit from LOTR, Mr. FRODO!!!

9/25/08   |   nomogarbage

I guess is Washington had a real QB, you'd see stuff like this in Dallas.  But they don't, and you don't see it.