Redskins' RG3 pranks Shanahan at press conference

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As the Washington Redskins prepare for their Wildcard game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, the mood remains light at the Redskins headquarters in Ashburn, Va. In fact, the Washington Redskins are feeling pretty confident after making a tremendous comeback from the 3-6 early season record, which included closing the season on a seven-game winning streak.
Nobody deserves more credit for this remarkable effort than the Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, who completed 86-of-131 passes for 1,207 yards, and was intercepted twice during the late comeback that started after the team’s November bye.
The 22-year-old participated in Wednesday’s practice with a knee brace to protect the injury that kept him out a game in Week 15. It was the Washington Redskins first practice this week as they prepare to host the Seattle Seahawks at Fedex Field, in their first postseason home game in over a decade.
Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan had a press conference scheduled after the practice, but it didn’t go exactly as planned when he received an unexpected visitor with a familiar face during his media session. Robert Griffin III decided to crash Mike Shanahan’s press conference, quietly slipping through the back door to take a seat in Washington Redskins auditorium as the questioning session by the media began.
Soon enough a microphone found itself in Robert Griffin III’s as the franchise quarterback raised his right hand, eager to ask his coach the next question.
Mike Shanahan, who is otherwise hard to rattle, could help but laugh when he realized it was Robert Griffin III who was asking the question.
“You got me by surprise there,” Mike Shanahan played along. ``Who is this guy?''
“Coach, we just wanted to know ... what did you do for New Year's?” Robert Griffin III continued his inquiry as the visibly surprised Mike Shanahan continued laughing.
“I tried to put a good game plan together,” responded Mike Shanahan, “but I wasn't sure how healthy you were, so it was hard without you calling me…You got me good.”
Robert Griffin III’s act drew laughs around the house, which goes to show the 2012 drafts second overall pick still retains his sense of humor, despite the Washington Redskins facing a healthier, hotter quarterback in Seattle Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson on Sunday. However, Robert Griffin III claims his sprained knee is getting better as the Washington Redskins quarterback prepares for his NFL playoff debut.
In fact, Robert Griffin III said that at this point the knee has healed so far that the bulky brace he’s wearing his wearing him down and causing a limp.
“It's getting pretty close to just being mostly the brace,” said Robert Griffin III. “The doctors aren't going to let me take it off, I don't believe.”
Mike Shanahan agreed that the brace probably isn’t a necessity now, its “best” for Robert Griffin III to wear the the brace a little while longer to protect from further knee injury.
“He can still run it and run it well,” said Mike Shanahan.
Still, Robert Griffin III tries to get away with his way whenever he finds an opportunity.
“I try to do as much as I can without the brace,” added Robert Griffin III. “Then, whenever they find out that I don't have it on, I have to throw it on.”
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