Redskins Robert Griffin III still ranked a threat by the Giants

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsFollowing an offseason surgery Robert Griffin III hasn’t exactly lived to the reputation that he was credited with and many NFL analysts have wondered if calling off this season and preparing for the next one might be the right call for the quarterback who was credited with the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. To Griffin, the game in the present is what matters the most.
 “You don’t prepare for the next season during this season. Right now, we’re trying to win games,” said Griffin.
Griffin’s stats exactly don’t speak much about his performance as he has not been in his best shape throughout the season. Still, he is credited for being a danger to any team he plays against. Redskins defensive end Justin Tuck agreed.
“I’m not putting this on him, but a 65 percent RG3 is still very tough to defense and you have to account for him,” he said. “Teams have got more shots on him this year, maybe that’s why his numbers are down. I see him turn an edge plenty of times. So he’s still very dangerous.”
Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that anyone missing the preseason has a setback to many things as it prepares for the rough regime and games of regular season.
“It’s hard for anybody to miss an offseason, especially the quarterback position,” Shanahan said.
Although many people are suggesting that Griffin be sidelined, Shanahan dismissed the speculation and said he would be back.
“We listen to the doctors and I think they’ve got a pretty good handle of where Robert is,” he said.
New York Giants cornerback/free safety Antrel Rolle knew that Griffin would be a threat on the field as much as he was before. And after the humiliating loss to the Dallas Cowboys, they are looking to fill the holes in their team and know that Griffin will take advantage of any opportunity he gets.
“You just see more teams trying to attack him now and it’s throwing him off rhythm a little bit,” he said. “But as far as RG3 as a player, we all know what he’s capable of and what he’s shown that he can do in this league. He’s still, in my eyes, a phenomenal player.”
Rolle did agree that the knee injury had its effect on his form.
“Absolutely he’s dangerous. You still can line him up against 85 percent of the guys on the field and I’m sure he’ll outrun them,” Rolle said. “When you’re coming off a knee injury, there’s a lot of things that go into that both mentally and physically.”
He added that despite the injury, he was still a threat on the field.
“As far as some of his movement, is it the same as it was the year before? No, it’s not. But it’s close.”
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