Redskins losing it after playoffs hopes shattered

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Washington Redskins are 3-7 and have lost three of the past four games they have played. This has not helped the internal atmosphere in the team and there are reports that the team is beginning to get torn apart with the blame game and frustration.
Ex-Redskins tight end Chris Cooley said that things were looking bad in the team but a simple victory might be the ointment to soothe it all.
“Everything is noticed. It’s getting close to being really interesting,” he said. “I think we’re on the fringe of a breaking point between the coaching staff, team and the quarterback. One win would fix it.”
And then their quarterback Robert Griffin III questioned the plays he was given to make and that all resulted in controversy. He said that the Philadelphia Eagles knew what to expect so he was helpless against them.
The very next day Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that his plays were his own and no one knew them and questioned Griffin about his ability to perform as a quarterback.
Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss wasn’t happy with what Griffin said and in response to his statement said “whether you’re the receiver, the quarterback, the guys making the tackle, whoever, regardless of the outcome, good or bad, you have to at some point, stand up and say ‘me’ or ‘I.’ ”
Even though the team is losing games and the players are bickering, they still are looking forward to the solution and are already learning what happened wrong in the losses to make sure they don’t happen again. Against all odds, it seems that they still are a tam and are willing to act as one to get better.
Redskins fullback Darrel Young said that they were still focused on the games ahead and were improving on their weaknesses.
“This is the only thing to talk about because we’re 3-7, but there’s no controversy. We’re going to go out there Monday night; we’re going to have fun. Come Monday night we’ve got a job to do” Young said.
“We’re trying to go 4-7, and this will be behind us when we get a win,” he continued. “Our backs are against the wall, so everything that everyone’s going to say now is negative, and that’s fine, but we can’t let outside sources come between us.”
Redskins linebacker London Fletcher was one to stand up for Griffin, saying that leading a team wasn’t as easy as it seemed.
“The thing about leadership is, if you ask 10 people about leadership, you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Again, this is a great young leader, man,” Fletcher said. “He carried himself in a manner that is very rare that young guys do.”
“The guy has great, tremendous leadership qualities and intangibles that you can’t — you don’t coach leadership. . . . Believe me. The kid is a leader,” he said.
The coach and the players are still one unit, even though they may argue amongst themselves and when a challenge presents itself, they will rise as one. They have to prove that yet though.
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The losses are always hard to take.  Last week's game against the Eagles was hard to watch as a fan.  The Eagles mowed them down in the early game, but the Redskins came back to almost even.  Although they lost, they tried.  Still it is inevitible that they will play the blame game.  I just hope they can get that win soon.