Redskins missing the RGIII they used to know

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Blog Photo - Redskins missing the RGIII they used to knowIt’s not been a dream start for Robert Griffin III which has led media to speculate about his recovery from ACL surgery during the offseason. Two weeks into the season and no one has yet seen the quarterback that was fast becoming the latest sensation.
Clearly, there is something wrong with Griffin, something quite difficult to deduce because on the pitch the 23-year-old has the same gameplay as last season. However, the lack of running plays shows that the Washington Redskins have a lot to think about.
In a new recent news conference Griffin was asked what he could offer to help improve Washington’s mediocre offense. Griffin responded by pointing downwards, saying the answer lies within in his feet.
“I could run more,” RGIII said. “I think it creates a spark for the team.”
Surprisingly, Griffin can account for only nine rush attempts for 25 yards in the past two games. Well, the primary reason for that is the Redskins inability to keep away from falling into big deficits.
Explaining the situation Griffin insists he was only running the plays that get called. Griffin denied his ideology was to “run just to run”. Griffin also admitted that he wouldn’t object of those plays were changed against the Detroit Lions this week.
“It's not that I want to run more, but I think that's what we need,” Griffin said. “If that's what it takes to win games, then I'm willing to do that.”
Against the Lions, Griffin should probably stay clear of the defensive line before thinking about anything to do. It is perhaps not right to suggest that Griffin hasn’t been performing well. Griffin’s performance has clearly been affected by the ACL surgery, but he does appear to be improving with each game.
Griffin’s teammate Pierre Garcon believes Griffin’s knee brace is keeping him from performing at his best.
“Robert obviously can't run as fast as he did last year because of his knee brace and his knee,” Garcon told WTEM-AM in an interview on Tuesday. “But it's the same offense, to be honest with you. It's nothing different. It hasn't changed at all.”
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