Redskins performance will tell what happens with coach Shanahan

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWashington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan is nearing the end of this coaching term and his fate has yet to be decided. When asked whether the coming weeks will tell what happens or talks were underway with the franchise owner Dan Snyder, he did not comment. But like the last years of any coaches’ term, it is a highly debated issue.
Shanahan has been with the Redskins for four seasons and out of three seasons including this one they have been last in the NFC East division. And the glory of last year has but been lost to memory after they lost to the Philadelphia eagles 24-16 on Sunday. His contract is worth $35 million spanning over 5 years and the franchise owner will be analysing the rest of the season closely to decide how things should be handled.
The Redskins are 3-7 and that’s not what has got everyone talking. Its no longer about the wins for the playoffs but about the wins that will ensure Shanahan keeps his coaching job going.
On Monday Shanahan said that the team was slowly building and for now was on the right path. He mentioned that the $36 million cap penalty imposed on the team was something that had handicapped them.
"In the future it will get better because we do have the ability to get more depth, we've got the ability to add some players on both sides of the football,” he said “and that gives you a chance to get better as a football team."
There are three ways that things can go down for Shanahan. He can simply be called to fulfil his final contract year; he can be relieved or get a renewal in contract.
He can be called to serve his final term as the team is set with solid players that can give good performance next year. That may be the last year for Shanahan to prove he can make it to the playoffs.
He may be fired because regular season stats under his coaching are 24-34. He was part of the salary issue that eventually led to the imposing of cap penalty. He may have finally inserted a good quarterback but that comes at the cost of a whole lot of trial and error.
Chances of extension are not out of bounds. He did manage to change the team mentality from a one that was content with losing to one that actually competes. He is headstrong and proven himself to be capable of making hard decisions. His selection of players will in the long run hone themselves to be great players and that may give him a chance of extension to finish what he started.
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"the team is set with solid players that can give good performance next year"
why can't these said "solid players" perform well this year.
there are no injuries to speak of. This is simply a team not performing to it's capabilities.