Reggie Miller to be Inducted into Hall of Fame

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Blog Photo - Reggie Miller to be Inducted into Hall of Fame

Drafted 25 years ago by the only team that he has ever known, the Indiana Pacers, Reggie Miller will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this Friday.  Miller barely missed the cut for the Hall of Fame last year, but will be a shoe in this up and coming year. 
"This is going to be a great day if you are an Indiana Pacer fan," Miller said. "I never thought about the Hall of Fame while I was playing or even once I retired. I just knew I had a pretty good career. Now, it's here. Talk about being nervous."
Miller is the 2nd leading 3-point shooter of all time, but what made him such a special player was his fearlessness.  He didn’t coward from Michael Jordan or any of the other greats at his position. 
"His commitment to put in the work needed to get better is something very few players have," former teammate Austin Croshere said. "I'm not sure I appreciated that until later in my career when I played for other teams. I assumed that's how every team leader was."
Longtime teammate and friend, Mark Jackson said, "If you had to go to battle with one guy and you wanted the ball in one guy's hands, Reggie Miller was the guy who embraced the great moments.”
And this Friday, he will be embracing, perhaps, the biggest moment in his career – the Hall of Fame.
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I could not stand him always thought of him as an A** but without question he belongs in the HoF.