Reggie Wayne might end up serving the Patriots in the coming season

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It is safe to say that we can assume if Andrew Luck is going to get drafted by the Indianapolis Colts and this would really mark the end of Peyton Manning-Colts era.
Plus another possibility that comes to mind with this move is the possibility that Reggie Wayne would be moved out with Manning as well.
In an interview with ESPN, Reggie Wayne commented on the matter by saying:

 “That is where I want to be. I have been there 11 years and I would prefer to end my career a Colt. However, in due time those feelings could subside. I know one thing, my phone works. I do have service and every last bar on it and their number has not come across it yet. I haven’t heard anything from them yet, so maybe I am not as important on the chain of command as I should be.”

Keeping all of this in mind, it is safe to say that Reggie would be one receiver that is not going to be on the team that rebuilds the Colts in the future.
In 2009 Bill Belichick gave an interview with the Boston Globe and talked about Reggie Wayne right after the Patriots lost a game to the Colts 35-34 and said:

 “I mean, I can’t say enough about Reggie Wayne. That guy is the best receiver we cover every year and it seems like he just keeps getting better...He’s a tremendous receiver and he had some production against us.’’

Still the fact of the matter is that Reggie Wayne is 33 and played last season with  quarterbacks Curtis Painter, Dan Orlovsky and Kerry Collins.
Still it was only a season ago when Reggie Wayne had one of his best seasons of his professional career as in 2010 Reggie Wayne had 1,355 receiving yards, scored six touchdowns, and caught 111 passes.
An interesting feat from the New England Patriots could be that they bring in Reggie Wayne as the number two receiver and possibly recruit someone like Vincent Jackson or Brandon Lloyd. Wayne could be even more attractive to the Patriots if they don't retain Wes Welker this offseason.
Still it is completely possible for the Patriots to hire Wayne as they are still around $20 million under the NFL salary cap and this only just confirms that some free agents will definitely be making their way to the Patriots soon.
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